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WWW Wednesday #69 Go Ahead Call me Weird I’m Good With That

The moment we venture outside our family home, we seek acceptance from the larger society.

Let’s face it–we want to fit in.

We don’t want to be the weird one who’s ostracized.

Well, I can tell you… I love being weird. It suits me and it frees me from having to consider what you think before I even consider my own thing.

So, I need to tell you something…

There are times in life when normal social conventions and customs seriously need to be tossed out the window and this is an example of that. My travel reality!😂

Yes!! Socks with sandals.

Airplanes get very chilly. I needed socks.

Just be you. Do you. Don’t worry about what other people think…

Walking to my gate at Calgary Airport…

Scandalous Darling….

Have a great week everyone… and go be a bit weird. It’s a good thing.


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