About Faye

My name is Faye Arcand. I’m a writer, freelancer, and agented author. I’m also a mom, an auntie, a wife, a friend, a sister…

I am me.

Who Am I?

Raised on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, the seventh of eight children, I’ve been blessed with, and appreciate, an abundance of family and friends.

It was my eldest sister who taught me how to read at a young age. She’d sit me down in the attic and I’d follow her pointer stick and recite what was on the board.

She later instilled in me a love of creative writing and a new and different world presented itself. It was like another part of my brain became engaged as I wielded the pen and was in charge of what happened.

That is powerful.

The lessons remained tucked in the recesses of my mind as responsibilities and life took over. I graduated with my degree in Criminology and went out to conquer the world.

I’ve travelled all over the world, including Canada, United States, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Australia, and Ireland. I hope to get to UK and Germany next.

Living and experiencing life has never disappointed my imagination or stores of inspiration. After all, every person I met, every adventure I had, became fodder for my future writing.

After twenty years working within the Canadian criminal justice system, I retired to raise a family and in turn seek out my first real love–writing. I never looked back.

I like to write about real life, real people, and real situations. Every blog, every story, every article, and every novel contains a piece of me. And that is what I aim to give readers in my current blogs.

Though I can be shy (some would scoff at that), I love teaching workshops and interacting with others.. I also do public readings, lead a writing group, and participate as a presenter in writing conferences. I’m currently organizing what will be a fabulous festival for September 2021–finger crossed after 2020 was cancelled due to the pandemic.

I now write full time and am happy to have settled with my family in southern British Columbia.

My Philosophy…

We must remember to persevere and push forward. We all have the ongoing capacity to learn and grow.

It doesn’t matter what age, gender, race, lifestyle, language… If you set your mind to it and work on whatever it is you want, you can achieve it. Whether it be tying your shoelaces, learning new customs, or writing a novel. You need to make it happen.

If either of my blogs, Auntie Says… or My Twisted Writer Brain… can help you achieve that learning and growth in any way then I’m happy.

I want you to believe in you.

Enjoy the blogs. They represent who I am and are, unless otherwise stated, written by me and are my opinion, observations, and writings.

I’ll always personally respond to comments. And, please feel free to sign up for my newsletter which will begin in 2021.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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