My Twisted Writer Brain…

Friday Musings of a Twisted Writer Brain

I’ve always contended that I’m not a poet. As a writer though I’ve come to realize I can’t control where my brain goes or what it thinks. Now don’t get me wrong–I can exercise discipline and get my work done when I put my mind to it, but sometimes the muse breaks free and dances on pointed tippy-toes taking my mind to the other side….the poetry side. Here’s what happened today.

~~Knocking~~ by~~Faye E. Arcand~~

so many words in my head

they feed my soul and starve my imagination

vital ponderances t’ward welcomed consequences as


fight to be heard over the cacophony called life

freedom sought, though not always realized

is a story not told, a poem not recited, a song not sung

are they for me only? not to be seized and devoured by others?


they’ll scurry to the caverns–the dark places–tuck and hide

until they’re ready to proffer tangible aptitude and proclivity and

fall out the end of my fingers

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