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I’d Like You To Meet a Few of my Inspirations

I started writing my Auntie Says… column in May 2017. That’s almost three years ago and feels insane. Where did the time go?


So I have a kajillion nieces and nephews and many who just refer to me as Auntie. Today I’ll introduce you to a few of them. Some of these pictures are a bit dated but still so fun to look at. I love all these kids to death. Many are not represented so I’ll have to dig up some pictures and put them up. But for now you can get a feel for where my heart is when I write my Auntie Says column.

So here I’ll introduce Cam. Then Samantha with the retro curly Auntie. Then Stefan and Marilyn.

Top right corner we have Curtis and Amelia. The next pic is of retro curly me again with the dude who officially made me an “Auntie” and that’s Paul. Then Jaime and Leah with me in the middle.

Here we have me and Bobby…followed by me and Jim…Then the next one, that’s me with Leesa and Kathleen. The bottom is Kruz, Samantha, and me.

Top left is Marilyn and Stefan. The next one is me and Justin. Then Tabatha and me. Then Myself with Nadya after making turtle squares. Next is Sophie and buddy Piper. Then we haveHenry, Sam, and Cam with Denise. Last pic my bro-in-law snuck in (lol…hi David)…then me and Meghan.

This is Aaron flying through the air. Then we have Shawn and Joe and Sam.

Here’s Kara and myself. Then Tacia and me and then finally honorary niece Stacey and myself. The next one is of me and Carson.

Here we have Terrence and Leesa. And Shayla and me having ice cream at the park.

This is me holding my newest niece, Chloe, right after she was born and then eight months later.

Here is me and Everett and Thea.

In the hot tub: Meghan and Nadya along with Gavin, Adam, and Carson. Then middle top is Diego, Tacia, me and Andrew. Then that’s me and Chris. Then the bottom picture is me, Adam, Lucas and Gavin along with Meghan and Nadya to the side waiting for the midnight sale of Harry Potter.

So we’ll sign off for today with a picture of Gavin pointing the way to the future. Always keep in mind that the importance of family is paramount in our health and well-being—whether that family is by birth, blood, marriage, or just a special bond. It’s all special and should be cherished.

There’s a lot of people missing. So if you’re a niece or nephew–honorary or not–you need to visit your Auntie or perhaps send me a pic so I can update the album. xoxo

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