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A Letter to Young People Everywhere

Dear Young Person…

I know you’re frustrated staying home all the time and wished you were with your friends.

 You’re yelling at your mom for what feels like no reason but believe me it comes from within.

Those feeling of frustration, anger, and anxiety are real. Sometimes we take it out on those closest to us and then feel like shit about ourselves for doing it. 

I want you to know that what you’re feeling is normal and justified.

Reach out and talk to someone… your Auntie, your best friend, or teacher. Whoever will listen without judgement and help you back away from the edge.

To talk to a counsellor Text: Kids Help Line 24/7/365

68 68 68

man in gray sweater and blue denim jeans sitting on white floor tiles

How are you doing today with all this forced isolation and boredom? 

I can relate to the feelings of heaviness and loneliness you’re feeling—you’re not alone, but you are special. Never doubt that.

Did you get out of bed today?

Did you have a shower? 

Brush your teeth?

How about change your clothes? 

These things will help, and you may have to force yourself to do them. Believe me, you’ll feel better—fresher and lighter. 

If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety call the Kids Help Line it for all Young People not just little kids.

Call the Kids Help Line 24/7/365


adi-goldstein-yVdN3xagPQk-unsplashDear Young Person…

When was the last time you ate something that wasn’t from the microwave, the drive-thru, a box, or a cello bag? 

When this lockdown began, I took it as permission to throw all the rules of nutrition out the window and I’m wishing now I hadn’t.  

Processed and junk foods have so many chemicals and crap in them they can have a real impact not only on your weight but also on your physical well-being, which then affects your mental well-being. 

Today make some effort to eat something healthy. 

Maybe slice up an apple or add some blueberries to your cereal. Skip the drive thru and make an omellete. Small steps. Awareness is key. 

At the Kids Help Line below there are lists of resources and many articles that you can read and hopefully related to

Check out

keenan-constance-B4axGpyGHJk-unsplashDear Young Person…

Are you stuck in a house where there’s a bunch of fighting?

Maybe even physical violence? 

As this lockdown continues, the space seems to get smaller and more crowded which can lead to violence or lashing out. 

Abuse is not okay in any circumstance—ever!

Please reach out.

Tell someone. 

If there’s a violent person in your home— even if you’re not the target—that’s not okay.

There is help.

Confidential and Private

Text 68 68 68 to talk to someone.

woman standing in front of brown wood plank

Can you get out of the house? Go for a walk? or maybe go for a drive? 

Being at home all the time begins to feel like a punishment.

Not being able to see your friends and hang out like normal doesnt’ seem fair.

Even school would be better than having to stay home all day.

I totally get it.

It’s like everything normal is gone and replaced with what you may think of as stupid rules that shouldn’t apply to young people.

Afterall, it’s the old peopole who are dying.

 The sad truth is that young people have died from Covid-19. No one is immune.

It’s not a Boomer disease though the elderly are extraordinarily vulnerable.

If you’re to the point where you think staying at home is useless and you’re done then talk about it.

Call the Kids Help Line 24/7/365


roberto-nickson-PP6pUjem7Ls-unsplashDear Young Person…

It will end sooner or later. Imagine the lockdown without a computer…yikes.
It will end sooner or later.Imagine having to share a room with five brothers and sisters…
It will end sooner or later.Imagine the world without the people you love. That would suck.
It will end sooner or later.Imagine one day telling your kids what you did during the great pandemic of 2020
It will end sooner or later.Imagine reaching out for help…It’s there right now if you need it.No embarassing questions or judgements.

Call the Kids Help Line 24/7/365



Dear Reader. Please share this with all the young people in your life. The phone number and information is good across Canada. If you’re in a different country please google the information so that it can be provided to a young person–no judgement–just share it and let them know you’re there if they want to talk.

Our young people have had their wings clipped by no fault of their own…help them by showing you care.

Thank you.

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  1. Faye, this piece of writing has made me cry a little. It means so much this, the way you have provided phone numbers and talked about the normal feelings of isolation to young people. I have an 18 year old and we have just read it together. It’s wonderful!! Thank you Faye

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