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Hey Writers! Keep Trying! J.K. Rowling Never Gave up.

Most are familiar with author J.K. Rowling but have you ever heard of the J.K. Rowling Effect? 

You may have never heard the actual term before because I just thought of it. The term comes from an admiration in that she never gave up trying to publish Harry Potter. There’s always hope, right?

So, what is the J.K. Rowling Effect? on.

Picture this: a young woman with long blond hair sits at a coffee shop in Edinburgh hunched over a table writing. As she works, her  daughter sleeps peacefully in a nearby stroller. This divorced mom, who also happens to be on public assistance, shows up almost every day determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a writer. 

It’s quite the picture of dedication and selflessness…but wait…there’s more! 

After all those long days of scribbling at the coffee shop, she completes her manuscript, which is then rejected repeatedly.

Oh, the shock and shame of it all…could you imagine the world without a wizard boy.

Writer folklore now has J.K. Rowling being rejected as many at thirty or forty times depending on who you ask. According to Wikipedia, the original manuscript of Harry Potter was rejected twelve times.

Her fortune turns though when Harry Potter is accepted for publication.

The world is thankful as the author’s selfless sacrifice comes to fruition (see choir singing Hallelujah). 

While the telling may seem melodramatic and over the top, it’s a story writers must cling to as they desperately search for their foot-hold into the writing world. The tale of J.K. Rowling’s rejections gets stretched, twisted, and romanticized but the Effect is the same—if she, a single mom on welfare, can do it, then so can I. 

Hence, the J.K. Rowling Effect.  

Writer Lessons

If hope exists, the spark of enthusiasm and possibility can feed its soul. There’s always a chance.

Keep your dreams alive and well. 

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