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The Magic of Seeing a Favorite Book go to the Screen

One of my favorite authors is Celeste Ng. She’s a master storyteller and that of course is how she ended up as a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Recently her book Little Fires Everywhere was made into a miniseries for Prime Video.
Having read the book already I was excited to see how it translated onto the screen.

There were some noticeable changes in the two scripts but the message and characterization were phenomenal and extremely entertaining. I highly recommend both.

I think it’s the dream of every writer to have their book turned into a movie. I know I’d sure love it if any of my stories or books were made into a movie or series.

The one thing that’s really important is to ensure the writing and story you’re sharing is expressed in the best possible way.

Read books that are bestsellers. Look at the style of writing and how it differs from yours. What could you learn from reading that book?

Read books that are made into series or movies. What’s so captivating about them? Is it the characters? The subject matter? What resonates with you?

The other thing you also want to make sure you do is to keep writing. See my post on Jonas Saul who couldn’t secure an agent so decided to self publish and then Hollywood came calling. My Twisted Writer Brain…Tips From Bestselling Author Jonas Saul: Part 1 My Twisted Writer Brain…Tips on How To Succeed As an Author with Bestselling Author Jonas Saul. Part 2

You never know what could happen.

The world is now so small and you really never know who is reading your stuff. What would you do if you got a call about taking your story to the big screen?

Never stop dreaming.

4 thoughts on “The Magic of Seeing a Favorite Book go to the Screen”

  1. I’m always on the lookout for bestsellers outside my usual genres, and I guess now I have to check out Celeste Ng’s work. This was a pleasant read and the formatting is beautiful too. Thanks, Faye!

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