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My Thoughts of the Week and a Free Writing Class Link For You

Well, we’re now over a week into 2021, and it definitely hasn’t been boring.

For the most part, I’m charging forward and getting things done and feeling really positive about this year. I do need to tell you though that this last week has been busy and eventful. It started off with an email.

This email was from a well-known published author asking me for a blurb for her new book that’s coming out this fall.

What? Me? Flattered, I wrote her back right away and said yes.

Then I got in my head…

I think she sent it to the wrong person. I’m not a famous writer. Why would she want a blurb from me?

So…. I email her: Are you sure you want a blurb from me? I’m just a little writer, I said.

Her response: “There’s no such thing.”

My heart sang.

Remember that people. There’s no such thing… I can’t wait to read her book and provide a blurb. When it’s published, I’ll post a picture.

Another great thing is this FREE writer event with my writer friend Traci Skuce. It’s all about getting yourself GOING!!

So, are you ever struck by inspiration—that amazing book idea!

Woo Hoo….the next bestseller….you just KNOW it. You’re so keyed up, you write and write and write… and then things get hard… the inspiration, along with the interest, wanes. That once, all consuming wonderful masterpiece is left to fizzle out along with your energy.

But Wait….

…another idea comes at you. And it’s waaaaay better than the first one. So, you write and write and write… and then… 

Well, you know the story. A computer-drive full of false starts and half-scenes, character portfolios and memoir fragments. Self doubt creeps in–Why did you even think you could write a book?

Don’t give up yet. Here’s some great news.

My friend, Traci Skuce, is sharing a free 12-day masterclass series on how to keep your butt in the chair, write and revise your fiction or memoir, and send it off for publication. 

And you can get access to it all by clicking here.

And did I mention, I’m one of Traci’s guest authors? Oh, I didn’t? Silly me.

Hey, come see what I have to say. Such fun.

Oh, and perhaps even more exciting than me being part of the event (I know that’s hard to imagine, right? …But, get this…the event is FREE.

Take a look. This may be just what you need to get your book complete and to the next level.

Go register now.

Also in this first week of 2021, I did my first ever newsletter mail out.

Source: Unsplash Stephen Phillips

While it may sound like nothing to some, it was very exciting for me. The last thing I ever want to do is impinge upon my readers private time. I kept the letter short and to the point and learned a lot in the process.

I’ll do a post about it soon so I can share the experience further. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter you can do so here on the site or send me a message through the CONTACT page with your name and email address and I can add you.

This week, had huge historical significance in relation to vaccines and corona virus lock-downs but the one that stood out, of course, was the storming of the United States Capitol on the 6th of January.

source unsplash Sara the Freak

The incident was frightening and disturbing but sadly not a huge surprise. There was a feeling that it was going to happen sooner or later with all the spewed rhetoric and discord.

While I’m not American, they are my neighbor. I love their country and the people. I don’t like the politics and the divisiveness. The incident made me very sad but also hopeful that they can move forward.

Well, that was My Twisted Writer Brain week in review.

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