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Who Do You Want to be? Introducing Life-coach and Writer Cherie Hanson

What I want you to see here is her unique wisdom and determination of centering oneself within the chaos of the world.

Today I want to share the writings and thoughts of a friend, Cherie Hanson. She is an energetic force with a creative and empathetic spirit.

Cherie is a lifecoach who is “rewriting the script to help others.” She is health and mind oriented to stay healthy. Her blog Expression|Never Put a Sock in It has over 72k followers and she’s now doing YouTube and teaching calming through breath. Connect with her on Instagram or email her. Live FaceBook streams happen Thursday nights at 7pm.

She shares from the heart and it was a piece she wrote that caught my eye one day. It was so simple– she wrote:

Started the day so far down, sad, angry, frustrated, lonely, frightened and so I sat in it. I sat in it and allowed all of it.

Cherie Hanson

That really spoke to me because there are so many times we push our emotions and feelings to the side. They’re squashed over in a corner and stomped on or ignored all together. This allowing of oneself to just sit in it is so lovely.

I think of people I’ve lost in my life and the heavy sadness that sometimes just claims the soul and doesn’t want to let go. It’s because it needs to be felt…to be sat in. Sometimes I just need to grant myself the permission to feel. I love that.

The following is a brief part of her blog of August 23, 2020 entitled Background Trauma Sounds. There’s so much that she writes that resonates with me and these particular passages are very relevant in daily life. Powerful thoughts. Powerful writing.

We choose our actions. We choose our emotions. We choose to stay focused on becoming the person we desire to be. It is more difficult when there are no pats on the back, no outside validation routines. But there is also greater freedom. Having the structure collapse means that we are now not walled in with rules and rewards. We choose to not be thrown across the black night lawn and frozen in fear by the next event.

We seek out our own expression of self. And throughout history, we know for a fact that following chaotic events such as plagues, the collapse of nations and warfare, there is a period of great creativity. New social classes emerge, new forms of artistic expression, new methodologies and cosmologies are created. And it is because of those who choose to see an opportunity arising as the old restrictions fall away.

Refuse to be flung off balance and forced into a state beyond action. You are creating a new way of life. Dare to trust yourself.”

“Dare to Trust Yourself.” Cherie Hanson

Auntie Lesson:

It’s a new year and perhaps a time to look at things with a different lens. We all learn and grow at an individual pace. There’s no pressure but there’s also no harm in trying. It’s all about you and what you’re willing to accept and embrace. If you want, go read some of Cherie’s blogs. They’re very thought provoking. It’s about opening up to the different and maybe a healthier way of dealing with all the chaotic stress served up during the day. Finding a safe space within yourself to be able to work through things could change your perspective on life. Just saying…

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