Look at This Picture! What is it That You See?

Welcome to February. A month of romance, emotional awareness, and understanding. The theme this entire month will follow those sentiments.

I just completed an entire blog related to the picture I’ve included but erased it all.

I didn’t like the tone or the preachiness of the words. So, with that in mind. I leave you with the theme of the month:


Emotional Awareness…

and Understanding…

Now I want you to take that theme and contrast it to this depiction of what I call poisonous tongue.

How does it speak to you?

What is it telling you?

What can we learn?

…please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

“if the Shepard is corrupted … the parish is corrupted” Karim Saidi

Auntie Lesson:

Always be aware of your poisonous thoughts that make their way down and out through your poisonous tongue.

And, sometimes it’s better to leave something (like the picture) to speak to the viewer instead of telling them what to look for (or think)… It’s something that’s so powerful I hope it gets you all thinking without my input.

Be kind. Be caring.

That’s all.

9 thoughts on “Look at This Picture! What is it That You See?”

  1. It is a powerful picture. I shared it on Twitter. Children are sponges; they soak up what they see and hear, and we need to be mindful of that. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lucy! Thank you so much for the share. That is so appreciated. You are so right. Children are sponges and we need to remember that. I found this picture so powerful for not only it’s truth but ugliness… the parent in the pic is grinning as is the one child. So sad. So telling. Thanks again for stopping by. xo

  2. So… when my elder daughter was around 3ish, her so-called best friend at playschool used to say very mean things to her about not having a dad. Obviously, it came from the mother, because the kid was too little to know or care about such stuff. It really hurt my daughter and she called me on it. I told her, of course she had a dad, he just didn’t live with us, not did he live in the same country. Biased, judgy parents who talk in front of their kids should be shot.

    1. Hi Ginny. Oh that must’ve been heart breaking. And you’re right, it comes from the parent. Children will speak observational truths but not that kind of mean rhetoric. I found this picture especially disturbing and powerful because of the facial expressions. It’s like the mother is gleeful…. I really hope it resonates with people and reminds them to keep their mouths closed. xoxo

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