When Was the Last Time You Did Something “Just Because”?

We’re already into the second week of February. Time moves so quickly even in these pandemic twisted times.

You know, we’re all pulled in so many directions lately.

Stress levels and tension are rising. So this week, do something only for you.

Why don’t you….

Go puddle jumping…

Source: Unsplash: Rupert Britton

Relax in the bath….ahhhh

Source: Unsplash: Heidi Kaden

Spend the day cuddled up with a good book…

Source: Unsplash: Awar-Kurdish

Have a cookie sandwich ….

Source: Unsplash: Obi Onyeador

Blow some bubbles…

Source: Unsplash. Trust-tru-Katsande

Leave a gift on your neighbor’s front step…

Source: Unsplash: Andre Ouellet

Do something good for your soul… Just because…

Have a good week. oxox

8 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Did Something “Just Because”?”

  1. I’ve been pushing myself to stick to a disciplined routine—wake up early, exercise, write, work, eat healthy, sleep early—and I never took any off days. But one weekend I just snapped and lazed the entire day away. It’s good to know that I still do things just because I can. Thanks for these great ideas, Faye!

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