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Round up of a Busy Week of Dogs, Pix, and Whatnot…

The Puppy…

Did you know that National Puppy Day was on March 23rd. I dug out this picture of Piper when she was just a wee pup…oh so fluffy. ❤️❤️❤️

Such a sweetheart right from the beginning. She is 10 weeks old here. And then we fast forward almost five years. Wow! Time goes fast.

(push the sliders to see the comparison…)

Puppy and Doggie Reality….lol

The Pic…

This new pic is actually a beautiful one-of-a kind painting. How exciting is that. Eileen Hopkins is a local Okanagan painter and I purchased this original from her. It’s stunning and I love it. (use the slider to see where the painting ended up in my living room.)

Do You Have Easter Plans?

I can’t believe it’s almost Easter. It’s come very quickly this year. So will you have a luncheon, sleep in, go camping? What?

A friend of mine on line was looking for suggestions for a candy and plastic free treat day for her three little ones. Here are some of the suggestions if you want to avoid the chocolate…

Perhaps you could…

  • plant a tree
  • make your own bubbles
  • paint rocks together
  • go for a hike and take lots of pix to look at later
  • give a pot, soil, and seeds or seedlings
  • craft kits
  • plastic eggs filled with coins (I know…plastic)
  • make sugar cookies
  • write a special story together
  • sneak in some chocolate…(hey it’s Easter–make it a good quality chocolate.)

Whatever you chose to do, have fun and enjoy. xo

This weeks Blogs…

I hope you checked out my blogs this week. Click on the highlighted text to open up the blog.

Auntie Says…

This week I looked at nurturing and cultivating Gratitude in Children. I’ve provided four different ways to make this happen, so it’s really useful. It is so important and can really be life changing. Go Have a look.

The other Auntie topic this week was Gender Based Violence. This is a topic that affects all people but particularly women. Please read it, educate yourself and speak up and out.

My Twisted Writer Brain.

Well, I learned the importance of a Gravatar for Blogging. I had no idea they were so important and you have to keep them up to date.

And Perfectionism in Writing. Ugh…I think all writers can fall into this trap if they’re not careful. It’s something that you must be aware of because it not only affects you but those around you. Take a look. It’s an easy read.

Have a great weekend everyone. Remember to check out my blogs and leave a comment. It’s always so appreciated.

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