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April is National Poetry Month. Come Try Your Hand at Writing a Poem.

Amanda Gorman read her poetry at Biden’s inauguration. Magical.

Yay! Welcome April and Poetry Month!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a skilled poet. While I love playing with words, poetry always seemed so difficult and personal.

I’ve been at events where a Poet Laureate has spoken and been blown away by their skill and mastery of the language and word placement.

So, it got me thinking, especially since April is Poetry Month.

I thought we could have some fun and share some simple forms of poetry.

I’m going to keep it a bit (aka: a lot) simpler here. This is meant to be fun.

Come try your hand at a simple FIVE LINE poem. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with.

Let’s try a form of ABC Poetry.

Here, the first four lines must be alphabetically sequential in the first letter of the first word. Then the fifth line can start with any letter.

This is not a 26 line poem but only 5 lines.

A sample maybe:


Okay ready. Use the FIVE line sequence that you want.

Here is a prompt that may spark your creative poet minds into action.

Please follow the theme and write your poem in the comments.


Here’s my poem.

Flying beyond our boundaries
Gives wings to interpretation
Housed deep within our bones
Imagination soars as it seeks
Wild abandon to breathe freely

by Faye E. Arcand

7 thoughts on “April is National Poetry Month. Come Try Your Hand at Writing a Poem.”

  1. Michele Rule left her response on Facebook so with her permission I’m putting it here where it belongs. I love it.
    April brings showers, they say.
    But not in this arid land.
    Constant sun beats down.
    Day and night are dry like bones.
    Water is more valuable than gold.

  2. A feared diagnosis
    Brings tears to my heart
    Comes without warning
    Dreaded bout of despair
    Will hope survive?

    1. Oh my goodness. Denise, I hope all is okay. I am sending good positive hopeful vibes…it does and will survive. Thank you so much for sharing. Be well.

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