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Auntie Says It Can Better to Be Single and Alone Than Left Wanting in a Relationship

I came across this post on Instagram and it really resonated with me.

Whether you’re 16 or 66, you deserve the best.

Don’t settle just to be in a relationship.

It really is better to be single than being mired down in a relationship that is one-sided, abusive, or simply unfulfilling.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s okay to move on.

And remember, you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Now, I’m not saying to go dump your hubby or wife of twenty-five years because they burnt the pot roast or failed to cut the grass properly. What I’m talking about here is a deep emptiness that isn’t being fulfilled in that relationship for whatever reason. Only you can determine that and seek whatever guidance you feel will put you on the right track for you.

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Auntie Lesson:

You need to take care of yourself and not feel trapped by choices you’ve made. If you find yourself in a situation that isn’t healthy, then it’s imperative you move on. Seek support and help if need be but if you’re questioning then you already know something is lacking.

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    1. Hi Marianna. You are so correct in saying that. It’s all about personal choice isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Very much appreciated. xo

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