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Three Easy Fitness and Focus Tips for Writers to Keep Their Brain Alert and Energetic–With An Invite for A Free Master Class!

What’s your biggest physical complaint as a writer? Maybe a numb bum, slumped shoulders, maybe fuzzy brain from staring at a computer screen?

All these concerns are valid, whether a writer or any other profession, where you’re sitting all day.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Sandra Wickham, a fellow writing colleague, is ready to answer that question.

She is a single mom to a special needs child and an experienced fitness coach.

Not only is she an amazing mom and writer, but now also leads online classes to assist people to find, and tap into, more of their personal energy.

You can find out more at: FIT TO WRITE or her Facebook Page.

Here are three of Sandra’s Top Tips.

It’s a great place to start

#1 — focus on your “writer mental health.”

Fill your well, use journaling or affirmations or gratitude, whatever works for you to fight those doubts and fears over putting your words on paper (so to speak) and getting them out into the world. 

#2 — focus on moving your body in ways that benefit your brain.

I love desk breaks with brain boosting exercises. Try yoga for creativity. Do exercises to improve your posture. Exercise! If you can get in that workout when you don’t really feel like it, or get through that one workout that is challenging, it will increase your mental strength!!! 

#3 — focus on drinking water and eating the healthy foods you know are good for you.

Keep it simple. How long is the ingredient list? Eat as natural as you can. Eat regularly. Feed your brain, feed your body to keep your energy up. 

Check out Sandra’s site. Who know something may resonate and help you along the journey of writing and fitness.

Join me for a 3 day Masterclass on how to be fit to write more. (FYI: There’s no registration as it happens live and there will be replays available. Drop in any day or watch the replays…all good.)

I’m calling it a Masterclass because we’re going to cover a lot, we’re going to go into detail and it’s going to require some upper level thinking.

sidebar: never be afraid of a “master class”. I always though they were for people who knew a lot of stuff–you know–masters. I came to learn though it’s really about the depth of the class–cool, eh? Ahhh…I see.

Basically, it’s going to look like this:

Wed, April 28th, 3:30 EST: Day One – Clear the Mental Fog

The first day is all about mindset. We’ll dive deep into the writer brain, face Imposter Syndrome, our fears, our misconceptions, lack of confidence, all of those things that keep us stuck and not writing as much as we want to.

Thurs April 29th, 3:30 EST: Day Two – Move and Groove

Day Two is about our physical health and how it affects our creativity. Brains need brawn! I’ll convince you how important your physical health is, as I also rant about the fitness industry (as I do) and let you in on the secrets of what you’re being told and reality.

Fri April 30th, 3:30 EST: Day Three – Know Better, Do Better

Day Three we talk strategy. Now that we know better, how do we do better? What strategies can we implement to be healthier physically, emotionally and mentally in order to write more?

Sat May 1st, 3:30 EST: Q & A

We will wrap it up with a fun question and answer session, bring your toughest questions!

Let me know how you do and which tip is your fave. For me–I *need* to force myself to take breaks to do shoulder rolls and stretches. So important.

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