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Write a Six Word Story #1! No Experience Necessary

May is Short Story Month.

I LOVE this because we can explore different types of short stories, markets, and technique. Hold onto your hat…short story may-hem is coming. lol…

Our first stab at a short story is The Six Word Story which is a form of flash fiction (we’ll work on that in another May blog).

The most famous six word story I know of is this:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Only six words but a complete story. According to Wikipedia this poem is often attributed to Ernest Hemingway but never substantiated.

Source: Unsplash Nicolas Cool

This idea to offer this opportunity to write together and share our stories came from a fellow blogger, Pooja, who sometimes posts a prompt picture for a six word story. Click here to check out her blog Lifesfinewhine.

The six word story is fun and challenging.

It gets you thinking and I really enjoy the exercise.

So, I’d like to introduce you all, to the six-word story.

The rules are simple.

Study the picture and write a six word story that goes with the picture. It can be obscure, literal, emotional, blue–whatever you see, feel, or are inspired to write. It’s for everyone to enjoy.

My Story: Tripping. Pulling. Life’s bumpy road ahead.

Leave your six word story in the comments below. I can’t wait to see them.

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44 thoughts on “Write a Six Word Story #1! No Experience Necessary”

  1. Lots of fun! Tks for the creative nudge, dear Faye!
    Necessary experience or experience necessary? Inconclusive.
    ”Experience necessary?”
    ”No, not here, kid.”
    Necessary experience?
    No, not always required.
    No necessary experience is an unknown.
    We’re here now, but who knows?
    You think this counts?
    It doesn’t.
    You think we matter.
    We don’t.
    It’s a crazy world.
    Stay sane.

    1. Hi Corine! I’m so glad you decided to come and post your responses here. You’re on fire for sure! So much fun. Thanks for popping in 🙂

  2. He followed her, even in death.

    A little sad, but I just watched a horror movie so I’m in a certain mood I guess, lol.

    1. Lol….Too funny! You may need a new travel agent. I can actually see you standing there, all wide-eyed and stunned…but…but… lol xoxo

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