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Parents. One Simple Thing You Can Do Daily to Build a Life Time of Memories

These days, everyone is dealing with their world as best they can. Often times, the upheaval instills a feeling of uncertainty but there’s a simple way to build up a life of nightly routine and it doesn’t cost a cent.

With the pandemic, kids are in school and then there’s a lockdown or notification of infection. Parents are left to scramble for daycare or time-off work. There’s no easy solution. Everyone’s tired and getting grumpy.


As a mom myself, I came to the conclusion a long time ago that while young children learn a lot at school, the system also works as a fulltime babysitter to allow the parents to actively participate in the economy of the community.

In Other Words:

If your kid doesn’t learn long division, it’s not the end of the world and they will get it sooner or later. Kids are so resilient and really do soak up knowledge when you don’t even realize it’s happening.

It’s sometimes the end of a long day, when nerves are frayed and snarky remarks sneak out that we need to stop and take a breath. It’s imperative you end the day on a positive even though you may not be feeling it.

So, even if you’ve just had a screaming match over teeth brushing, take pause and stick to the routine.

We’re all tired. We’re running on empty.

We need to grab hold of what we can control. And that only need to take a minute a day.

A Facebook acquaintance of mine was having issues with her 13 year old daughter.

Too much time together and probably too much screen time coupled with simple exhaustion and frustration.

A yelling fest occurred and the daughter was sent to her room screaming about how unfair life was….blah, blah, blah…been there.

So, later that same evening, the mom went in and the daughter was still pretty grumpy so the mom recited Robert Munsch to her like she did every night (see below) and wished her good night.

In a weeks time, that young lady won’t remember what the fight was about, but she’ll remember that her mom still came and said the special good night–THAT is what matters.

Parents Get Into The Routine:

Every night before you go to sleep tell your kids how much you love them.

Make a little rhyme up that you say every night without fail. (I’ll write a few examples and include below).

When they’re grown they won’t remember the fights, toys or trips … they’ll remember the night time ritual–even when they’re overtired, grumpy, and hating everything/everybody.

Simple. Easy. Free.

Here’s a few I just made up. You can do a silly rhyme with their name or whatever you want. Just be consistent, commit it to memory, and make it routine.

Love. Love. Love. I’m sending it through the air. Love Love Love. Like me, it’s always there.

Night night. Love love. Sleep Sleep. Mom/Dad is always here.

Good night. I hold you tight. In my heart. Good night night.

The day is done. Tomorrow is soon. My love for you. Is over the moon.

Time for sleep. The day is done. Know my love for you is forever. Goodnight.

or as Robert Munsch would say:

“I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always. As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.”

Auntie Lesson:

Stop worrying about he school lessons so much as the life lesson. Remember–say it every night as they go to bed. Even when they’re 18–keep it up. Simple. Free. Easy. A great message to pass along every single day even when you feel like you want to toss them out the door. lol. You got this.

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    1. Thanks Beth! I’d love it to go viral and have every parent embrace the routine. Please feel free to share if inclined. Always so Thankful to have you stop by. xoxo

  1. Dear Faye,
    That was a very powerful blog today and so true. I wish my parents would have had that advice when I was a child.
    Thanks for publishing,

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