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Life Lesson: Sometimes You Just Have to Keep Your Mouth Shut. Three Facts to Consider…

Super—not cool!!

As I scrolled through Instagram the other day I came across this and needed to share it.

Here are a couple of facts:


You don’t have to tell your best friend everything. Go back and read my article on this very thing and how damaging it can be to a relationship.

Weigh the consequences of having a friend pissed at your boyfriend for something that has nothing to do with her…you’ve already kissed and made up but she’s still stinging.

Having that third wheel in your relationship is not fair to your partner.


There’s an old saying:

…If they do it with you, they’ll do it to you.

Go back and read that.

If your “friend” is telling you everyone else’s business you can bet she’s sharing yours too. Don’t be a party to discussing other people with your so-called “friend.” That will solve one issue.

And if you don’t want your business out there….then don’t supply it.

A person who feels they have to go and tell everyone else’s business is lacking something in their own life. It’s really very sad but it can do a lot of damage and is inappropriate.



You need to realize the power of your words. They can change the way others treat someone else as their view is slanted.

Imagine if that third party were your mother in law…..This means that your hubby is telling his mom things about you….is that okay? Is there a line that can be crossed? What is it?

I once spoke to a young man who told his mom everything and as a result the mom disliked her son’s wife. When trouble came (who saw that coming?), the mother bad-mouthed the young woman (the mother of her grandchildren!) and the marriage broke up. Surprise. Surprise.

That’s a true story! Sad, eh?

I certainly feel for that young woman. She didn’t stand a chance in that family.

There’s no need to involve other people in your friendships or relationships that don’t belong there.

Auntie Lesson:

Learn when to keep your mouth shut. Turn the tables and put yourself in the situation and ask yourself how you’d feel. Be truthful. And for God’s sake, be respectful of your friend or partner. Your mother doesn’t need to know about your sex life. We have, and set, boundaries for a reason.

Your best friend doesn’t need to know the details of every petty fight. I’m not saying you shouldn’t talk when you need to, but pick your listener carefully. Ensure they’re not judging and going around telling everyone else your business.

5 thoughts on “Life Lesson: Sometimes You Just Have to Keep Your Mouth Shut. Three Facts to Consider…”

  1. 🙂 There is an old spiritual adage that states: “Words have power.” Therefore, we should always make a conscientious effort to use our words wisely.

    Also, in regards to friendship, we should choose our friends wisely.

    A true friend will not gossip about you with others.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Faye.

    1. Hi Renard. Thanks for stopping by I so agree with that adage. There’s one we used to say too: Loose Lips Sink Ships. In other words don’t be giving away all the secrets and confidences.
      Sometimes “friendship” needs to be redefined.
      Enjoy your day Renard. So nice to “chat”.

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