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Weekend Review. Wild Life in the Hood as I Write and Walk. How was Your Week?

Hi Everybody. I hope you had a great week.

All is fine in my little piece of the world but let me tell you one day it was full of wild life that set Piper off just a’barking like she wanted to chase them down and then play.

It was returning from a dog walk when we looked up and there was a bear lumbering through the neighbors yard! Like holy sh*t. Piper went berserk and wanted to chase him. Ugh….

Then not two minutes later we spot a deer sitting under a tree watching us.

Deer under a tree watching me and Piper on our walk….

We live in a rural area and wildlife is not unusual around here but still makes me step back and remember that this is their home too.

Hey, did you get around to reading my blogs this week?

Of course you did….maybe you want to check them out again.

In Auntie Says… I started a new thing called “Auntie’s Adages”. There are so many old sayings that so many of the kids just don’t get. They’re a great spark for conversation. This week was about “A Penny Earned is a Penny Saved“–do you know what that means? It may be a bit different. I also wrote about Kids in the Grocery Store...great idea.

My Twisted Writer Brain is finishing up with Short Story Month. I talked about the difference between Genre and Literary Stories and knowing your audience…so important and then I gave you some assigned tasks to help you with your stories. I sure hope you had a look.

As we near the end of May, the weather is unpredictable. One day we’re in a down and the next day I’m sitting outside with a friend sharing lattes.

It’s all good though because I know I live in the world’s most norther desert and give it a couple of weeks and we’ll be complaining about the heat.

A storm is definitely brewing…
A different kind of brew… It was absolutely gorgeous the day before as me and a friend sat outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and great company.

Wine Country Writer’s Festival.

We’re LIVE—Finally! Check out the site here:

The site is live. There may be some glitches. Registration is officially open. The prices are listed and the contest is now open.

Get reading and writing. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

See you next week!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Review. Wild Life in the Hood as I Write and Walk. How was Your Week?”

  1. Yeah. We are all encroaching on our four legged friends and they’re letting us know. I had a bear surprise me as I was gardening yesterday. From 15’feet away!!! Holy shit Batman. Haha.

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    1. Like holy shit batman is right! Even though they’re very afraid of us, they’re still bigger and stronger. We are encroaching and where I am we had a big fire last year (penticton) so there seems to be more bears down from the hills…more than “usual” for sure. Thanks for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

  2. Am loving the pic of the brewing storm, because that gives me a better image of how things are in your part of the world. Thanks for sharing this story and for the pics, Faye!

    1. Hey Stuart. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the brewing storm that really never amounted to much I’m afraid. I live in the Northern most desert in the world and it gets very hot and drought is always an issue. We’re lucky to have several lakes nearby but still a challenge for many.

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