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Weekend Review. Such Exciting News! Great Blog Posts! Does Life Get Any Better?

Top News Everyone!

The Wine Country Writer’s Festival for 2021 is now Open for Registration. Whoop Whoop!

This is an event put together by myself and my colleague Jim Jackson.

lol…this is me! So much fun.

We saw a need for a writing event that was not only top notch quality but also affordable!

While we wanted to be all together this year, it’s still a bit dicey with dates due to ongoing health regulations and we didn’t want to take any chances.

The only choice was to go digital. There are some paid parts but the classes are all free of charge.

This festival has top notch presenters—all Free to attend. You must register though.

A Master Class by a top Agency CEO–only $20

and the list goes on. Check out the page HERE and make sure you enter the writing contest!

Did you get around to reading all my blogs this week? I sure hope so.

For My Twisted Writer Brain we’re talking books–reading that is. I posted the books I read through the month of May. What did you read? Let me know and if you have suggestions just leave me a note. Click HERE

I also looked at Traditional v Indie publishing and how people feel about one or the other. It can get pretty heated for sure. See HERE.

And let’s not forget Auntie Says…

This week she looked at the need for moms to step back from being perfect and putting everyone before themselves. We already expect the mom to be selfless and it’s just too much. Check out the post HERE.

Also this week, I went on a very short rant about the fact that nothing in life is guaranteed. Read the post HERE.

On a more personal note:

I started running again! In February 2020 I was in New Orleans at the Rock n Roll Marathon.

I planned on doing the half marathon (that’s sort of my distance…lol) but did the 10K with my husband who’d never done any running event before.

We had a blast.

We experienced the Fabulous city of New Orleans, partied in the streets of the French Quarter, and met some of the most genuine and friendly people ever.

We came home ready to take on 2020 and plan our next destination run and then BOOM–covid. UGH.

Wow! What a game changer, eh?

Well, I’m now back training for the next run. Who knows where it’ll be… I don’t really care! It feels good to be moving again.

I’ll be getting a newsletter out soon. If you haven’t subscribed please do so.

Have a great weekend.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Review. Such Exciting News! Great Blog Posts! Does Life Get Any Better?”

    1. lol…no..I went for a half and ended up doing the 10K with my hubby. BUT…even though I did very little over the last year and a half…muscle memory is amazing. Boom…just right back at it. I’m going to start researching destinations. I did the Rock n Rock Dublin Ireland US: Seattle, Portland,New Orleans (10K), Canada: Vancouver…I like the idea of doing one in Hawaii or Asia.

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