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Stop the Lunacy! WTH are People Doing? Auntie Rant.

The other day I tripped over this quote on and had to acknowledge it.

Sometimes I really wonder if people’s minds are working at 100% capacity or if they’re working at all.

You know I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t even watch the news anymore because common sense seems to be disappearing.

Sometimes I feel like I’m too sensitive and things jump out in front of me saying….look, look how stupid I am….

Omg. Whether it’s how they deal with children, speak in public, treat other people, or let their pets shit in the middle of the floor…yes, seriously! I’m getting dizzy from shaking my head.

And here’s a bit of bonus: as a woman, if I said something to someone I’d probably be accused of being a Karen which is isn’t fair. The whole thing just ticks me off. Well, to be completely honest, everything is ticking me off right now.

The other day while out on a walk, two little kids threw rocks from their decks that tower over the walkway.

They’d scream, toss, hide, then giggle. (Please don’t say they’re just kids having fun…don’t make me shake my head again…).

Well, wouldn’t you know it that one of the rocks hit a nearby stroller.

Mom and dad are nowhere in sight? ugh. These kids need to be directed elsewhere…go toss rocks at mom and dad’s cars perhaps….yeah yeah…jk…sorta…no really jk…

I squelched my impulse to want to be very unauntie like as the young mom screamed at them. I wanted to scramble up the hill and ….well, I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…please remember I’m an Auntie. The dog went nuts and the giggles louder.

I shook my head.

I don’t know if it’s the continued social restrictions with covid or whether I’m just tired and cranky (probably both tbh) but something needs to change.

Then of course there’s “people” we see in media like politicians (omg…you thought it was ok to have a relationship with a 13 year old….really? What is wrong with you?), or any news story… those little fuckers pushing down old Asian ladies, or spitting on an embassy wall….wth)

Is there hope for humanity? Oh my god, sometimes I seriously wonder. On that note I’m gonna go read a book.

Please tell me it’s not just me. Tell me what you see.

Auntie Lesson:

We all have our limits. I do shake my head and wonder every day how we can move forward in peace. I have faith that I’m just seeing too much yuk lately and the good is out there.

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9 thoughts on “Stop the Lunacy! WTH are People Doing? Auntie Rant.”

    1. Bwwwaaa Haaaa Haaa…Oh Ellen you are so frikken right! and all those shit-wits are wearing running shoes and moving too fast in and out of my life….all over the fucking place. On the road, in the store, at the dog park, ….ugh never stops!!

    1. It’s always nice to know I’m not alone. Seriously, I thought the rest of world was totally off their rocker….welcome to my side of the street. xo

  1. You’re right on the money, times are getting more and more frustrating for those of us with normal empathy and sympathy for others. It’s more frustrating for those of us who can see the results of our actions. I think it will only get worse. Heaven help the tender hearted.

    1. Oh Lord….worse? Oh heaven help me. I can’t deal with the idiots I’m running into now. Ugh but you are right….they’re everywhere! I want to frikken scream sometimes….eeeeeeeeeeek!

  2. Too bad you did not have time to find out who the condo -or house- belonged to. Report to the grownups supervising the offenders.. call upon your knowledge that the rocks hit a stroller endangering a child in it.
    I know this would have taken time, but hopefully the parents would take over to cut the fun.
    They should know the danger their children are putting others into. Too bad. A chance for a lesson for children at play.

    1. Thanks Marianna. The mom (caregiver? sister? some lady?) came out of the house and dealt with the kids as the young mom yelled after. Yes. I definitely think a lesson was garnered by all. Really appreciate your thoughts.

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