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Auntie Adage #2 Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover. It’s not Your Place to Write Someone Else’s Story.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover… I’m sure you’ve heard that before but is it something you can live your life by?

To observe the outside package and then pass judgement as to the contents of said package is extremely unfair and presumptuous.

To be clear… You know the “Book” in this saying is much bigger than just a book per se.

It’s about life, the people you meet, or the interactions you have–whether in person, on-line, or through observation like YouTube, e-zines, or any social platform or entertainment.


It’s true life and it’s the fake life. That’s what social media is.

Even when you know that people stage their pictures, or practice several angles, or add filters, you still judge. We all do.

We judge them and if we’re not careful we can fall directly into that hell hole of comparisons.

They always look perfect. happy. slim. pretty. handsome. so together. so EVERYTHING! And believe me…there’s more to the picture. Don’t ever forget that.

It doesn’t seem fair but you need to also recognize your own part in it.

Don’t judge.

You have no idea what’s behind that smile or that beautiful, seemingly perfect, home.

All you can see is the cover.

It not your place to write anyone else’s story. That truth belongs to them and is who they are.

Become aware of your knee jerk reactions to others who are different from you.

It could be color of skin, or size, or your perception of beauty…

As you become more aware, you’ll recognize the triggers and hopefully be able to understand yourself more. Between the cover of your book, is your story…

Auntie Lesson

Embrace the lesson of the adage itself. To judge means that you form opinions and conclusions based on the superficial.

Think about how that makes you look. I know you’re not that shallow to believe things without a base in reality.

I hope new awareness can take you in a more mature and open attitude toward others.

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4 thoughts on “Auntie Adage #2 Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover. It’s not Your Place to Write Someone Else’s Story.”

  1. yes, it’s all so easy to get caught up in, and it’s important to stop, reflect and approach it all differently, without any judgement

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