My Twisted Writer Brain…

My Writing is Scattered Everywhere!

Ugh! This is the tenth first line of this blog. I’m not changing it again. That’s it! My focus is waaaay off and I’m struggling to write today.

You know, as writers we’re so often told to simply sit and write… Well, sometimes it isn’t that easy.

Everything seems screwed up right now.

Yesterday I returned from a fantastic week of being unplugged from electronics but engaged with wonderful young energy and spontaneity.

Being back at the grind is great…I was looking forward to it, but just as I was about to get to work a nearby hill burst into flames. Water-bombers, trying to gage the distance, and plumes of black smoke took over the day.

I got zero done and ended up with a tension headache.

Have you ever experienced a wildfire near you?

We live in a rural area and the heat of the summer is getting (or has it always been?) so intense it’s like living on eggshells.

I watched (on TV) the wildfires of Australia swallow up thousands of acres of vegetation, wildlife, and livelihoods. I remember being thankful that our season wasn’t so bad, but now I’m not so sure.

I don’t know how anyone can question the fact of climate change. The droughts, the record breaking temperatures, the fires, and the devastation.

The world has changed and we need to change along with it. Yesterday, I wrote about change and I need to go back and read that. Change doesn’t have to be a HUGE drastic swing in thinking or doing, but maybe some small steps that can lessen my own anxiety about the fire season.

Yesterday, I walked around in circles wondering what I should do. It’s weird because last year we were evacuated for over a week due to a fire right near our house.

This current fire is quite a bit further away but it doesn’t change my physical reaction. In fact, my reaction is heightened and I really feel on edge.

So in order to lessen my own tension:

Today I will:

  1. I will ensure that I have passports, papers, and documents all together in one place.
  2. All of my flash drives that that have all my writing will be put in a pouch and no longer be all over the place where I don’t know whether I have them or not.
  3. Pack my small suitcase with basics including meds just to be ready.
  4. Put some dog food and snacks in a zip lock.
  5. and… I will desperately try to meditate and relax as I listen to the planes that buzz overhead on their way to the nearby fire. The fact that I hear them is a good thing!

Everyone stay safe.

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8 thoughts on “My Writing is Scattered Everywhere!”

    1. Thanks Sally. So far so good I guess. The fire is being blown away from here. Just lots of smoke…which unfortunately is becoming a summer norm. Stay well my friend. xoxo

  1. I was thinking of you as I worked at the evacuation center for those who had to leave their homes. Your preparations are excellent. Check your insurance policy for what’s covered in the event of a wildfire. The government is not authorizing as many expenses as last year due to the huge number of fires. And most important – remember that your lovely dog can be looked after by the ALERT (animal lifeline emergency response team) volunteers. Bring your pet(s) with you to the evacuation center. This time around, they fed numerous chickens that had to be left behind & got water to a few horses.

    1. You’ve been on my mind too Aggie. I knew you’d be out there helping as always. Such an early start to the season. Let’s hope we’re done. Great advice and information about animals. I know some who won’t leave because of their animals. Thank you to you and all the volunteers who surround you for the great work you do. You are all so appreciated. xoxoxo

  2. I agree wholeheartedly about change. I have another website I work on for my husband, to help his business grow, and in the next few weeks it’ll be about upcycling patio furniture rather than buying new. And while I was writing it, I thought about my brother in law, who was a Trump supporter, doesn’t believe in climate change, and gets sick enjoyment out of giving racist material to my 19 yr old, bc he knows it’ll offend her, and her best friend is a person of color. I say all this bc as I was researching for my post, I learned that Americans threw out over 12 million TONS of furniture in 2018. And 10k tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans annually. Thinking about my sister and her husband, they’re probably really proud of themselves that they can afford to throw away furniture so often, bc they have. They don’t take care of their things. But if they deign to read my post, they’ll probably laugh, however I don’t mind at all that my husband is extremely handy and talented. That he can take something intended for the scrap heap and make something better, original out of it while also considering our environment. It’s a shame that there are too many people who are still like my sister and her husband.

    1. I hear you. My hubby actually has a store called “The Raven’s Oddities” where he sells used, refurbished, and up-cycled goods. He is doing well. I find that the type of people your bro-in-law is to be so offensive to me that I can’t handle them anymore. I used to be able to ignore them but now (maybe with the pandemic isolation and realization of what is really important), I do not have the time or patience for that crap. I’m not going to waste my breath on people trying to convince them of things. Am I giving up. idk. I hope not. But if someone did that to my 20 year old son (like to your daughter) I’d be pissed. We only have one earth. One health. One brain. All need to be protected and used wisely. I am finding that a lot of young people are returning to a simpler lifestyle of recycling, gardening, less plastic… There are a lot of people like you sis and hubby but there’s a lot on the other side too… and we need to encourage more. Thanks so much for commenting. You’ve given me a lot of think about. I love it. xo

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