My Twisted Writer Brain…

Writers I Challenge You To Join me in a Brain-Writing Exercise…

I’ve spoken of it before and am ready to take it on again.

Yup, you guessed it the good old Writer’s Weekly 24 Hour Writing Contest.

This challenge is one that will cost you only $5 but get that brain moving at a quick and furious pace because you only have 24 hours to fulfill the brief.

What’s the Brief You Ask?

You must first register and pay your $5 usd then on Saturday morning you’ll receive a prompt, word count, and directions to submit your story within 24 hours.

I’m going to register now. Let me know if you register… It’s always interesting to see where other writers brains go. Mine is pretty twisted…lol.

The nice thing about this particular contest is that it’s short!

There’s not a lot of time to stew over your perfectionistic tendencies, it’s pretty dang inexpensive, AND even if you don’t win you could end up with the bones of a new short story for your portfolio.

Did I mention you can win $300?

Alrighty then, off I go to enter. Best of luck. Remember…if you enter–comment below so we can stay in touch.

Oh the contest is JULY 17th, 2021.

Enter from anywhere….just watch your time zones.

Good luck.

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2 thoughts on “Writers I Challenge You To Join me in a Brain-Writing Exercise…”

    1. it is great fun! Let me know if you decide to go forward. check out the website and read the last winner…Would be nice not to do it all alone. lol…

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