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What Are You Grateful for Today? Auntie Gratitude #1

Source: Unsplash Nathan Dumlao

I’m so grateful for safety and all the professionals and volunteers who work so hard to keep us that way. Thank you. xoxo

Gratitude can, and will, change your life.

It lightens your heart and changes your focus.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you’re grateful for today.

If you find yourself in a place of negativity, try to find a sliver of something positive. It doesn’t have to be large–it can be the fact you have air to breathe, a flower to add color to the world, or maybe a book to read.

Today I am so grateful to the men and women who tirelessly fight the wildfires. Whether from the air or ground, they really are my heroes.

Last year we were evacuated from out home. This year, the fires are still too close.

I took these pix on Monday July 19, 2021, when yet another fire broke out late in the afternoon. This fire is about 20 km away but still feels very close.

I’m so grateful that no one was hurt and that we have firefighters, willing and able, to do the hard work of fighting these unpredictable beasts.

Auntie Lesson

Open yourself and your heart to gratitude. What are you grateful for?

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post. It is very much appreciated.

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15 thoughts on “What Are You Grateful for Today? Auntie Gratitude #1”

  1. I’m grateful for all of the firefighters protecting people and houses and lives and our home on the West Coast. BC is in a bad way right now and they literally run into the flames.

    1. Hey V. Thanks for the comment. Send rain over the mountains. It seems like every day a new fire is starting and it’s a bit unsettling…well, actually a lot unsettling. There’s too many whackos out there that think it’s fun to play with fire….oh man….Thanks for stopping by. Appreciated. xoxo

  2. We always have to look for the silver lining and there’s bound to be one. I’m sorry to hear about the fires. The firefighters and the others truly deserve all the appreciation

  3. So happy to hear you are safe and hope that you and your loved ones remain so. Today I am grateful for my wonderful husband who my daughter’s dinner, bath and bed routine tonight so I could sleep off a looming migraine. He truly is amazing <3

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. This means SO much. We are safe and forever grateful for first line workers/responders.
      I love that your hubby does that for you. To me that is a true partnership in family. I bet he is amazing. xoxo

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