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Do You Think You’re Too Good To Work At a Fast Food Restaurant? or In the Service Industry? Please tell me Why…

When I was a kid, I was motivated by money. More specifically, I didn’t have any, and I wanted it.

What I’d like to know now is what motivates people to apply for a job. There seems to be some judgmental snobbery going on against the big box retail stores or fast food restaurants chains and as a result they can’t find enough employees.

The simple fact is, if you want money–there are plenty of jobs out there–go get one!


At ten, I babysat. (yes, ten) and then just before my fifteenth birthday, I got hired on at McDonald’s. I was so excited that I’d make around $3/hour.

In the day of blue polyester uniforms, the menu was similar, but the style of restaurant was completely different as we’d yell the orders to the kitchen from our tills as the lineups wound out the doors of the restaurant.

To this day I can remember the McDonald’s Six Steps of Service.

  1. Smile and Greet the Customer
  2. Take the Order
  3. Suggestive Sell–would like a coke with that?
  4. Take the money, give change.
  5. Assemble order and give to customer
  6. Say Thank You and Come Again.

It was a great training ground then, and still is today.

An employee learns all about food prep, customer service, how to handle money, and how to be part of a team.

These types of skills will take you far in life.

In today’s world, no one wants to work at McDonald’s because it’s not cool. It’s seen as a lowly burger slinging job and this isn’t fair.

The doors of many restaurants just reopened after long restrictions placed on them by health services due to covid. Now, there’s a huge shortage of employees as so many who were laid off went elsewhere.

As I drive down the main street of my town, there are Help Wanted signs everywhere:

Come Work For Us–We’ll Train (White Spot)

Positions Available: $16.12 per Hour and All Benefits (McDonald’s)

Cashier’s Wanted (Wal*Mart)

GraveYard Shift Workers Wanted: (Great Canadian Super Store)

I went through the drive-thru of Starbucks the other day and there was a huge notice informing customers that they’ve had to cut the store hours because they don’t have the staff to fill the required positions. Like omg.

There are help wanted signs all over town.

The minimum wage in British Columbia is now $15.20 and there are lots of jobs available. Many places offer bonus’ and incentives.

Don’t whine to me saying that you don’t want to work at McDonald’s. Many great people (hello) got their start there.

A friend recently told me that she thought parents and social media are guilty for giving fast-food or big box retail jobs a bad rap. What do you think?

We’re all familiar with the Wal*Mart shopper pix splashed all over social media and the memes of fast food workers not caring or being made fun of because of their job.

And Hey–Did you ever threaten your kid?

If you don’t get your education you’re going to end up working at McDonald’s!!

The thing is, that as a corporation, there are many opportunities to grow into Management and perhaps even franchise operators/owner. There’s nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s, or Burger King, or Wendy’s, or Tim Horton’s. It’s work. Simple as that.

Places like Wal*Mart or McDonald’s are seen as the lowest of the low.

For some it’s the thought of having to deal with bitchy customers and huge corporate rules. My response to that kind of argument is that experiences in life can teach you what you want to be and what you don’t.

You have no idea what the experience is until you’re in the middle of it. Projecting negativity is a bad habit to get into.

Hey, maybe you’ll have to deal with grumpy people, but you can also learn from them to never be one yourself. Or, tuck a memory of their personality into the back of your mind and write a story about it later (that’s what I did), or learn the lesson in life of dealing with difference.

Life is not always smooth sailing. There are bumps along the way and various personalities that’ll impact your life in different ways. It’s how you chose to react where the true impact lay.

Auntie Lesson:

Never bow to anyone’s opinion about honest hard work.

I don’t care if you’re picking up dog poop or scraping gum off the underside of chairs… When you work for a living, nothing is “beneath” you. You are no better than the retail clerk, the server at McDonald’s, or the pooper scooper dude

The fact of the matter is, if you feel that you’re superior in any way, then you’re nothing but an entitled and judgmental person who has some life lessons to learn and maturing to do.

First lesson would be to never judge–It’s rude, unnecessary and snotty. Auntie doesn’t like snotty.

I’d like to hear from you.

Let me know what you think. Does your kid want to start as the CEO and not do the grunt work? or is there Corporate snobbery going on? A little too choosey? Would you work at McDonald’s?

What’s the solution? Hmmm….

Have a good week.

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17 thoughts on “Do You Think You’re Too Good To Work At a Fast Food Restaurant? or In the Service Industry? Please tell me Why…”

  1. I’ve worked at Mcdonald’s as an adult. You do get some bad customers, but there are also a lot of great ones. My last job was the worst one I ever had. It was also the longest. I worked as a Parking Clerk in a campus police office at a local university. My husband worked physical plant at the same university. People looked down on us for the jobs we worked there. We both decided to retire after COVID made things so much harder.

    1. oh man. I hate it when people look down on others for honest work. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m glad to hear that McDs wasn’t completely negative. Be proud that you and hubby were supporting yourself. It’s a bit sad isn’t it. I think covid made so many things more difficult. glad you were able to retire. I hope you’re enjoying your days. Thanks for commenting. So appreciate hearing your story. xo

    1. Hey Kelly! Thanks for coming in and commenting. Its very much appreciated. You’re so right! They will learn something. Thanks for the conversation. Always open. xoxo

  2. I once worked 2 weeks at Pizza Hut, but I don’t do roaches, and they were everywhere. All around the food, so I quit. I was 15. I went to a dry cleaners and eventually kept moving to different jobs. I’ve been a dental assistant for almost 25 years.
    My 19 yr old worked all of 1 week at McDonald’s and it was the longest week of her life. She cried almost every day. McDonald’s are owned by other individuals and how they run their little kingdoms may differ from one city to the other. A friend my daughter made had a uti when she got hired, but management wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom. This girl peed her pants. That’s totally unacceptable and no one should put up with that. So if industries are treating employees that way, I’m hear to tell you, YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT! Stick it out and believe in yourself. But don’t be lazy. Get an education and look for that job that is yours!

    1. Eeeekkkk….EVERYONE should say NO to roaches. Omfg that is disgusting. Makes me wanna vomit right now. I’m surprised you made it two weeks.
      Re: the boss mger at McD should’ve been fired. Asshole. I’m so sorry that happened to any young person.
      Yes, each franchise is owned and run independently under the corporate logo thing. That certainly doesn’t mean that the people are mature, respectful or responsible.
      There are jerks everywhere. But you bring up a very good point that especially for young people, about their rights as individuals and as employees.
      No one deserves to be abused, threatened, or forced to work under subpar standards. The article I wrote was specially about my town and many DO feel they’re superior to these lowly jobs. And, I don’t think this is the case. Doing the hard work at some of these lower paying jobs is ACCEPTABLE and IS a learning ground for life. What you describe–NO WAY….Don’t WALK away….RUN!
      Education is the road to much success and being able to map your future. Totally agree. But you still need to work.
      KS. This is such a valuable lesson and addition to the conversation–Thank YOU!! xoxo

      1. I have heard from a number of people that z generation seems to be allergic to working or at least hard work. And in some cases I agree. I work with a 20 yr old girl who frequently goes home early, bc she’s tired. Or she plays games on her phone. She also keeps hinting to our Manager that she would like a raise. So she has a job but she’s essentially lazy and entitled, maybe thinking since she’s there at all she deserves a raise.
        So I definitely agree with you that people need to go to school or a trade school to improve their chances of getting a job, especially one they would enjoy. And not be lazy.

      2. Ugh…lazy is the worst. As a past business owner she wouldn’t have lasted long. I’m surprised the boss lets’ her get away with it. Idk. The phones etc need to be ditched and a work ethic learned. I’m not sure I see any other way…
        Even with school… will it change?
        The sense of entitlement isn’t with all, but it’s there with enough that it ends up reflecting negatively. Here at home there are so many jobs available…I’ve lost patience with anyone who thinks they’re above any type of work. Do you know what I mean?

  3. My 16 year old started in fast food just this last May. He’s been learning many soft skills that will get him far in life. We have discussed and he follows a budget with savings built in to his budget.

    I’m so grateful he has this opportunity.

    1. Hi Debbie! Good for him! That’s excellent to hear. The skills he learns will take him far in life.
      I’m doing a follow up article about what how to deal with issues at work. Some kids don’t know when they can speak up.
      In this instance because you’re working with him he’ll be fine. You should be a proud mama. xoxo

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