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Quote of the Day #4–What Are You Willing To Do To Get What You Want?

Tell me what you’ve done in your life to get what you want. Comment below and let me know what you think.

Auntie Lesson:

Sometimes life doesn’t prepare us for what we want and we need to go out and make it happen. If you can choose it, you can make it happen. Don’t ever doubt the power and drive within you.

One time in my life I really wanted to get out of an unhealthy relationship and a job encased in a toxic environment.

How did I make that happen? I got a job in Japan and moved there. Yup. I made it happen and it changed the trajectory of my life.

7 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #4–What Are You Willing To Do To Get What You Want?”

  1. Hi Faye. Its a big step to move to another country and culture, so we’ll done for that and it paid off 👏👏👏 I got out of a toxic marriage of 17 years and I’ve been free and single ever since. It’s wonderful. It’s so important to take the chance so we never have regrets x

    1. Oh Pip!! I’m so happy to hear that. Like you I took a chance and it paid off. Thank goodness. I often wonder where I’d be now and I can tell you it wouldn’t be where I am now with a supportive and understanding partner.
      Yay Us!! Here’s to knowing whats best for us and moving on when necessary. xoxoxo Hope all is well in your world.

  2. I was in high school. Going to be a junior. I had friends, but I wasn’t popular. And I liked this guy. His cousin was popular, so by extension, he was too. So I kinda changed my attitude a bit, not snobby. But I convinced myself I was confident and called him. And then we started dating. And then I had popular friends, but I was friends with pretty much everyone.

    1. Wow….it’s amazing what can happen when you put your mind to something!
      It sounds like you may have already been popular without even realizing it. Hmmm….
      And confidence…is amazing isn’t it? xoxo

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