My Twisted Writer Brain…

Oh…. My Twisted Writer Brain is EXCITED… Did You Know It’s “Back To School” Time?

Aren’t these file folders stunning? So beautifully organized and colorful… I need some. Yup sure do.

I can barely contain myself and it has nothing to do with the kids actually going back to school.

Well, I guess I’m happy that they’re actually returning after all the covid stuff.

I know some schools switched to online learning, so getting back to the classroom will be awesome.

Parents must be chomping at the bit to get back to a routine.

OMG!!! I forgot I need post it notes….I’m not sure why but I’m sure I do!!

I don’t have to worry about getting new backpacks or lunch kits…

My little one is now 20! BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not excited.

For me, it’s all about the abundance of supplies—tee hee… It makes me giddy.

Omg…I’m salivating at the thought filling my cart full of spiral note books, pens, markers, and calendars.

Please tell me I’m not a completely Twisted Writer Brain…lol… I collect spiral note books like they’re all going to disappear from the shelf forever.

This is normal, right?

I can’t help myself.

Last year I got spiral note books for .15 each! HOLY MOLY!! They were just begging me to take them home.

Some are still in a small stack on my bookshelf.

Many are used, but some are saved for the ‘you never know when you need one’ moment.

I think everyone should have a stack of empty–ready at anytime–spiral notebooks on a bottom shelf somewhere. That’s smart, right?

I love to walk through the school supplies and touch everything.

It’s like petting a new fluffy puppy, I can’t help it…

I have two favorites….

Okay, that’s a bold-faced lie. I have several favorites.

I took this picture. I want all of them…. Can you smell the leather?

Spiral notebooks are number one.

I like the ones with the colorful covers. The brighter the better.

Next are pens… ahhhh….. the fine tipped smooth writer….There’s like, nothing better.

And then of course, there’s hi-liters.

Every writer needs hi-liters of every size, color, and florescent scent.

Like, I’m sure this is on the required list for writer type people. If it’s not, then I’ll lobby for it ’cause it’s really that serious.

And the pièce de résistance…

Leather bound journals and calendars….

omg. I just dropped drool all over my desk.

The shape and feel are magical.

To open them and smell the leather and the paper together is orgasmic.

I don’t want to write in them.

No, I want to display them on the shelf and take them down every once in a while to admire…to pet… to dream…


This is the time of year when it’s very dangerous for me to go into any type of stationary store.

Hey! I’m not saying there isn’t true temptation all year long (Costco gets me every one in a while with scotch tape and hi-lighters) but there’s a special energy in the air when it’s back to school time.

I want to skip down the aisles and take one of everything please. Thank you. xo

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10 thoughts on “Oh…. My Twisted Writer Brain is EXCITED… Did You Know It’s “Back To School” Time?”

  1. I used to buy coiled notebooks but now I am a flat-open stitched-binding convert… Moleskin knock-off or not. Unfortunately Winners has been a bit short on them lately…

    1. Ohhhh…..interesting. I’m still stuck on the coil notebooks. Curious–what made you switch? Hmmm….Maybe I’ll have to try that. Thanks for commenting. Very appreciated.

    1. lol…the journal and notebooks are a bit of an addiction. Hey! You never know when a thought is going to come to you so I keep a notebook in the car, in my bag….and all over the house. lol xoxo

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