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Auntie Rant: Okay. I’m Pissed Off. I Don’t Care if You’re Double Vaxxed or an AntiVaxxer…You Have NO Right to Abuse Others.

**I’ll warn you that there is some strong language here. I hope you can get past it and see the situation. Just saying…

The world has turned into a shit-show lately, and it’s really starting to piss me off (more than usual). Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below please.

me, wearing a mask…nice pretty pink one. What’s the big deal?

A few days ago, our local news reported an incident of abuse toward a young staff member of a Booster Juice. Issue: she asked the customer to put on a mask.

Well, the customer went ballistic and took it out on a person who is powerless to change anything and is simply trying to do a job.

Please know: If you’re visiting someone’s place of business–they get to set the rules.

Staff members are being spat upon, verbally abused, having things thrown at them, and physically threatened. This makes me SO sad and it needs to stop.

If a store has a policy for ALL customers and workers to wear a mask, what the hell’s the issue?

I really don’t care that you’ve been fully vaccinated OR if you haven’t been… Put on a Fucking Mask and Stop Harassing Staff!

Man oh man…It really ticks me off.

wearing a mask as we were evacuated due to wild fire. Mask…no big deal.

Masks on? Masks off? Confusing as hell, but it’s not rocket science.

Don’t start spouting off that you don’t need to wear a mask because you’re fully vaccinated. And on the other hand, don’t start blabbering about your personal civil rights to go wherever you want without a mask. AND, don’t start explaining that the medical authorities say masks are now optional and you opt not to wear one….Really, it doesn’t matter.

Start thinking of a store as someone’s home.

If you come into my home, you’re not allowed to spit on me because I ask you to keep your pants on. Oh my, does that offend your civil liberties to walk around in your undies wherever you want. Well sorry, my house my rules.

And nor are you allowed to screech obscenities at my kid because you don’t like a rule imposed by ME! While the kid thinks he rules the house, it’s actually the opposite and we all know it. You abuse my kid…you’ll be dealing with me.

And don’t threaten physical violence or bring up conspiracy theories to me. I loathe politics, stupidity, and have little patience for those that belittle others. Nope not interested.

HEAR ME: I DON’T CARE!! MY HOUSE MY RULES. If you don’t like them leave. It’s the same for stores. If you don’t want to follow their rules, don’t go there. Period.

Myself in the store wearing a mask…. no big deal.

Give your sanctimonious head a shake.

What does it take to put on a mask for two minutes and then take it off? Get off your high horse and just do it.

So many young people work for minimum wage doing jobs to serve YOU. They’re the ones who are getting your coffee, or serving your burger….they don’t make the rules. Do you get that? Like, really?

My very first job at age 15 was McDonald’s and people didn’t act like they do now. There’s so much anger and resentment. So much divisiveness. It turns my stomach!

How would you feel if it were your kid behind that counter as some asshole spit in their face because they’re being asked to don a mask? Oh, I’d be a rabid mama.

People, covid isn’t going anywhere.

Stop being selfish pigs with such disgraceful and disgusting attitudes. Go to a back corner and practice some yoga breathing exercises or something. And grow the fuck up.

Auntie Lesson:

If you’re a young person dealing with the public, ask your manager about the store policy and get clear instructions on how to deal with abusive customers. No amount of money is worth being thrown out there with no back up. Make sure your boss, or manager, is there to support you. If there’s any issues step back immediately. Don’t engage. These people are selfish jerks. Let management deal with it.

Rant done for now…but not really…it’s still sizzling.

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12 thoughts on “Auntie Rant: Okay. I’m Pissed Off. I Don’t Care if You’re Double Vaxxed or an AntiVaxxer…You Have NO Right to Abuse Others.”

    1. Not really. I’ll feel better when people start being kind and respectful again. Grrr….It particularly gets me when others take it out on those who don’t have any control.

  1. Sorry auntie, I wrote four full lines, became embarrassed.. realizing I was ranting-cancelled it. Of course every word was in agreement with your rant. Congrats.

  2. Calm down. I understand you are pissed at a lot of things just breathe in and breathe out its gonna be ok. And I agree My house my rules. Relax and sending you lots of love❤️🤗

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