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Quote of the Day #5–What Will You Choose? An Opportunity? or an Obstacle?

When you hear the question, the answer seems obvious. Of course you’d choose the opportunity, right? Think about it.

Opportunity and obstacles.

Today I decided to put up two Dwayne Dyer quotes because they deal with similar thoughts.

These are both so powerful I want you to read them a few times. Allow yourself to absorb the message.

Do you realize the power you have? Wow!

Auntie Lesson:

It’s easy to sometimes get mired down in muck and end up with a bit of an attitude. Perhaps nothing seems to be going your way these days but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Well, what are you actually looking at? Are you staring down that negative path and hanging on or is there another way? Perhaps a side street you could duck down and try a different path.

As a writer, any obstacle is an opportunity to me. I see them as challenges to write about or to figure out a way around them.

We have experiences in our lives but they don’t need to become who we are. They can hold you back and slow you down. Learn. Garner the lesson and don’t let it define you, your actions, or your life.

You got this. You really do. xoxo

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