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Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #6. How Can a Park Bench Inspire You? Hmm…Come Take a Look.

There are times in life when we need to rest and contemplate the world around us.

Doesn’t it look like it wants to give you a hug? Come, let me hold you…. Pic Source:Faye E. Arcand

A bench isn’t very exciting until you need one. Whether to rest your weary bones, stretch out those tight muscles after a run, or to lean against and take a deep breath. This bench is worthy of our attention.

The plaque inscription on the bench. I love this. “A Quiet Place to Sit, Reminisce and Remember the Good Times, Forever in our Hearts.” Such a lovely sentiment. Doesn’t it make you wonder who Robert James Alleyn is? He received a great gift here but I think he probably gave just as many through the years. Just a hunch. Pic Source: Faye E. Arcand

Something as simple as a memorial plaque can stir something within us that makes us think about others. Use it as a way of being thankful and retrospective. Take a deep breath and just be.

What’s Wacky, Whimsical, or Wonderful about your week so far?

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8 thoughts on “Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #6. How Can a Park Bench Inspire You? Hmm…Come Take a Look.”

    1. I loved your post Laurel. I have to figure out how to follow now.
      I loved how you described all the different relationships (lol…I too spent my babysitting money on cigarettes…) The bench under the blue rhododendrons is now etched into my psyche forever. Thank you! xoxo

  1. I always read the plaques.. to me, they are love stories, a memory of appreciation. I am thinking of asking my daughters to have a bench with my name on one.. for a year.. but not before I am gone.. I don’t want to read it just yet

    1. Hi Marianna. That would be such a lovely tribute! I always read the plaques too. It sets my imagination in motion just like you said. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You made my day. ox

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