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Weekend Roundup: Travel, Pix, Dogs, and Movies. Does it Get Any Better Than This?

Hi Everyone!

Fall is in the air while the still-summer sun warms the days. This is my favorite time of year. I love the cool evenings and the sun-kissed days.

The last week really has been a bit of a scramble for me.

Fill the Cup…

The week before I went to the Sunshine Coast to visit family. It fills my soul. Here’s Piper with my 4 year old niece.

Yup! It was THAT kind of week! Playing with the kidlets, getting up early, and getting an owey!!

Working On Gettin’ It Done…

Returning home meant getting back to work. I’m working hard to get the Wine Country Writers’ Festival all together for the weekend of September 24 and 25. It’s going to be so great.

It is a virtual festival and all the Saturday workshops are FREE. There’s even a few spots left if you want pitch to an agent ($25C) or have a blue pencil ($15C) or come to the Master Class ($20C)

Our Keynote speaker is Roark Critchlow of General Hospital fame. He’ll be taking about the creative spirit and how you can’t give up. Should be fun. You can attend for Free but you need to go to the site (click on the link above) and register or you won’t get a link.

I can’t wait to tell you all about it. If you’re registered, then I can’t wait to hear from you.

Check out Last Weeks Blog Posts

This last week, there were some pretty heavy topics discussed in my Auntie blog.

The first was all about Suicide. It was suicide awarenesses week but it should be everyday. There are phone numbers at that link and information to help you. There are other choices that can be made and believe me when I say, you’re not alone. Check out the link and share with those you love.

Auntie also did a short post about hate and making a personal choice. You have the power to stop it. Might be time to start using it. Go check it out. It’s short and sweet and will slam you in the gut.

For My Twisted Writer Brain this week, I wrote a post all about pitching to an agent. This was deliberate in that we have an agent coming to the Wine Country Writers’ Festival and it’s important to know how to pitch. Great information.

I also looked at the idea of calling the Muse. Does she float in only as you’re drifting off to sleep? Perhaps you can harness her power and call her at will. Hey, you never know, right?

And of course we can’t forget about WWW Wednesday where Jack the Hooligan Cat created chaos in my office.

So where does the rest of this week go?

Yikes!! Noooooo

Well, I must tell you that I twisted and aggravated my Achilles tendon while running on the Sunshine Coast. Like omg…what a pain! Literally!

My running is put to the back burner for a while as I practice the R.I.C.E. method of treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevate). For the most part it feels much better until all of a sudden it doesn’t.

I’m a little ticked with myself because I was so excited to get back to running that I pushed it a little too fast and what did me in were the three hills that made up my warm up. Um…stupid hills! Um….stupid ME!

So, this is a bit of a game changer but not for long. It’ll heal up and I’ll start again. Not to worry.

OH YEAH…..I almost forgot.

I went to see Shang-Chi last week. It was phenomenal. Probably one of the best Marvel Movies I’ve seen. It was really well done.

I took this pic. Pretty good, eh? Loved this movie.

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and remember to read my blogs and comment on them. I like to get to know my readers. Stay outta trouble and I’ll see you soon.

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    1. Ah, Thanks Marianna. I can’t believe he came to visit at all! he wasn’t invited and he really is a pain in my foot!! Trying to get rid of it! Hopefully very soon. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. xo

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