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Self-Editing: 4: Self-Edit With Fresh Eyes, Mind, & Body — REBLOG of Norma J. Hill

REBLOG share of some great information.

Editing is one of those things that all writers need to deal with whether we want to or not.

Norma J. Hill is an editor and has generously laid out a series of easy to follow guides and suggestions on how to get through this sometimes daunting, and overwhelming, but necessary task.

Go to her website and you can see the posts leading up to this one. Tell her I say “hi”.


Self-Editing: 4. Self-Edit With Fresh Eyes, Mind, & BodyBy Norma J Hill (aka Pen and Paper Mama) © 2021 In our previous series for writers, we discussed and provided worksheets for “Self Exploration For Writers,” “Your Writing Life,” “Author Considerations Beyond Just Writing,”  “Planning Your Writing,” and “Editing Levels.”  In this new series, “Self-Editing,” we […]

Self-Editing: 4: Self-Edit With Fresh Eyes, Mind, & Body — Norma J. Hill

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