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Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #9 A Stroll Through IKEA…

It’s not often I get to go to IKEA. The closest one is about four hours away so the opportunity needs to be seized when possible.

Before last week, the last time I visited the wonderland that is IKE, it was pre-pandemic and a different world. It was frustrating as my husband barreled ahead scoffing at the seeming simplicity of the products. I wanted him to see what I saw as I sauntered along letting my fingers caress the smooth surfaces of ingenious design. Lost in my own world, it took a few minutes to realize that I was being paged over the store intercom.

“Would Faye Arcand please meet her party at the lower exit….”

Lesson. I now go alone and make sure I have lots of time. It’s a tad bit dangerous but so much fun…

Here’s a picture taken last week in the IKEA store near Vancouver. Ahhh…. I spent a bundle of cash because I hadn’t shopped in like, forever, and it was like everything had my name on it.

Whats your IKEA experience like? Tell me below in the comments.

I took this shot in the bedding section of IKEA last week. I love all their stuff and want to take it all home. As one who loves to curl up and read, this display caught my attention. Boost your reading escape…what a great line. Get those wonderful feather pillows and the warm duvets in all their beautiful shades, sizes, and comfiness!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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