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Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #10. I Look Up and What Should Appear? A Big Stinky Bug–I Screamed–Oh Dear!

Lol…Sorry, but this Princess doesn’t allow bugs in the office. Heck, I don’t like bugs anywhere!

Right now, it’s the season of this dude. Ugh. They clickity, clickity, clickity as they fly across the room and then drop like a ton of yuck on a book shelf in some sort of abandoned flight pattern or some such. Ugh, I can hear them scape their scaly little beings against things as they skid to a stop.

And this guy in the picture, obviously then walked from God knows where to end up right on top of my computer.

Funny thing is, I didn’t see him right away. He could have been there for thirty minutes staring at me! Yuck. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it.

I know some people will say that these ancient shell encased creatures are valuable to the eco-system somehow–and you know I don’t doubt it. Something must eat them (just not fast enough for my liking) or vice versa.

That’s great [please insert sarcastic enthusiasm here].Oh my, oh my isn’t that just wonderful… Just stay out of my house, far away from my office, and for heaven’s sake–don’t touch my computer! ugh…

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this little post and that it didn’t bug you too much…omg! I’m on a roll today. lol. If you want to like, comment, follow, and/or share…that’s cool. Talk soon.

7 thoughts on “Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #10. I Look Up and What Should Appear? A Big Stinky Bug–I Screamed–Oh Dear!”

    1. lol…I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. You know I really thought we dodged them this year but they showed up late didn’t they? I don’t like to use the “h” word but I really do Hate them. Yuk…make sure his cousin stays out!! thanks for the laugh Marianna.

  1. is that a real bug I have to say that bug would have sent me screaming from the room and I wouldn’t be able to go back in again until my husband went in and killed the thing or captured it and set it free outside which ever was the easier. I hate bugs the only reason to have men is to take care of the bugs and to open jars. Oh yuck. even after it was gone I would have had a hard time working on my computer in that room. Are you ready for a good hard freeze where you live.


    1. lol…Yes, Billie it was a real bug. You’re description pretty much is what happened and then I ran back in with my phone, snapped a pic and then screamed for hubby to get rid of it. lmao…. The funny thing is that I was working at my computer at the time and he just crept along the top it silently so when I saw him, i jumped 10 feet! We really need a super duper deep freeze to rid ourselves of these nasty critters. We didn’t have them five years ago but the weathers been so mild I’m sure they don’t die off in the winter. Fingers crossed. Hey, can’t go anywhere anyways. lol . Thanks for stopping by Billie. So appreciated. xo

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