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Weekend RoundUp: A Week to be Seen and Heard! A Sea of Orange Shirts that We Must See and Embrace, Sons Day, Some Art, and My First Ever Video.

This last week flew by fast! I’ve recovered now from the Wine Country Writers’ Festival WCWF, and am ready to tackle the rest of the year, but I need your help.

Over this last week, the blogs were still published, I just want to know whether you watched my video or not?

Do you know how hard it is to sit down and talk to yourself about a subject for 5 mins? Just believe me when I say, it’s not easy. I want you all to get to know me in a more authentic way and the video shows me for who I am….

So please go watch. You can click HERE to see it.

This last week was also National Sons Day. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of such a day before but just like everyone else had to post a picture. So here’s me and my son. This picture was taken 2019 in Northern Japan at a dinner in our honor. Oh how I miss traveling.

2019 Ikeda, Hokkaido.

This last week was also the Inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This is now a national holiday to address the Canadian history and experiences through the residential schools and generational traumas perpetuated through genocide, prejudice, and lies. The school children wore orange shirts the day before and then on September 30 there were many orange marches and information sessions held. It is now a time to listen and learn.

If you want to learn more about the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, you can do it HERE.

Wearing my orange shirt in support of the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

Finally, this week I had the opportunity to meet up with Diane Bersea, a painter, writer, and fantastically creative individual. She is amazing. This is her latest painting. Here she is showing me the movement of the piece. The colors are absolutely stunning.

Yay Diane!

I hope you all have a great week.

You’ll probably notice that I won’t be posting quite as often… Just taking an half break. I’m always around though. I really, super-duper want to hear about the video. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend RoundUp: A Week to be Seen and Heard! A Sea of Orange Shirts that We Must See and Embrace, Sons Day, Some Art, and My First Ever Video.”

  1. I like the video, although I’m not really a video person so maybe not the best qualified to give input lol. I think you have a very calming and reassuring voice.
    I love the picture of you and your son – he looks so much like you! And Diane’s artwork is beautiful 🙂

    1. thanks so much so for your comments Michele. Video is hard. I really need to personalize the blog though so it came with good intentions. Thanks for the kind words.
      Yes, my son. He definitely wasn’t switched at birth was he?! lol He’s such a smart and sweet young man. Covid really affected all the kids. It makes me sad.
      Diane is amazing.
      Michele. Thank You Thank You! The feedback is so welcome. xoxo

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