My Twisted Writer Brain…

My Twisted Writer Brain is Tying Itself Into Useless Knots of Nonsense. It’s Obviously Time for a Break or Maybe a Lotto Win… Yeah, That Would Be Good Too.

For any writer out there, I know you’ll agree with the quote below from Instagram (link is below).

“I need a break from my mind.” This really resonated with me. Can you relate?

My Twisted Writer Brain never stops. It’s a constant buzzing energy that sends out missiles seeking inspiration, unique visions, and a will to keep going. But alas, I believe I’ve trained those missiles too well. I have SO many ideas and so many toes dipped into different projects that none are getting completed in a timely manner.

I love my blog. I love the freedom of saying what I want to say, when I want to say it, but my brain is losing focus.

I have three novels that I want to complete and get published. It’s time.

Perhaps it was the Wine Country Writers’ Festival I organized? Hmmm… Perhaps that did me in, or is it the pandemic and all the bullshit flying around about the vaccine? Yeah, that probably a factor too. Or, it may even be a bit of fear poking through to say… see told you so…you didn’t get it done.

Ugh. Frikken bloody ugh!

Okay, I’m not really going anywhere… Well, actually I am, but don’t tell anyone, k? Phew, I didn’t want just anyone to know.

I’m gonna grab hubby and pile into the car and head out there…. out to the covid filled streets. I’m double vaxxed so I’ll be fine but alas… heavy sigh.

I’m going to read books. That’s what I’m going to do.

I want to find a porch somewhere and a cozy blankie and just be left alone to read.

There! That’s my plan to take my “tired” brain and calm it.

I won’t be far. In fact, I’ll still be here–checking in. Are we all clear? I know… I know… Just a little twisted thinking… Don’t worry. I got this.

What do YOU do when your brain gets so tired that functioning on the everyday level begins to crumble? Tell me. Please. Maybe I can avoid this next time.

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8 thoughts on “My Twisted Writer Brain is Tying Itself Into Useless Knots of Nonsense. It’s Obviously Time for a Break or Maybe a Lotto Win… Yeah, That Would Be Good Too.”

  1. 🙂 Faye, I recommend sleep for a tired mind. It sounds as though you need some time off from writing (And, sleep is the best method of time off that I can think of).

    1. Hey Renard! Sleep is exactly what I need. I’ve stepped back for a week and am already feeling so much better. Thanks so much for stopping by. I so appreciate you taking the time. 😊

  2. I can absolutely relate to this. I feel like I’ve given it all, like there’s nothing left inside. And while I’ve experienced some good fortune, I haven’t really DONE anything. I’m taking a day tomorrow. Just me and a picnic lunch. Somewhere quiet to just sit or maybe draw a picture. I have zero interest in social media right now. Next to zero interest in connecting with people at all. Looking for a zen moment.

    1. Hey Sally. I so hope you find it. The other day I did stretching and deep breathing on a beach…it was like magic. I too feel like I need regrounding. I’ve been go go go for so long that I don’t think I-had a choice but to step back. We left home on Monday and already feeling better. Hope that you’re finding your zen!☺️

  3. You sound like me, Faye! Only I have ADHD and since coming off some awful meds (that I was on for years) it’s only gotten worse. Randy’s like, “Maybe you should go back on those meds”. No way! They numbed out my emotions and made me not care about a lot of important things and to top it off, made me gain over 50 pounds!!!! He also (sort of complainy) mentioned that I’ve also started to talk too much. Suck it up, Big Boy, I am what I am.

    1. Omg!! You’re so funny. Give Randy a big hug for me. 🤣 Yeah my dang brain never stops. Have stepped away for a few days and am definitely feeling more recharged. Take all that new energy Val and go write a bestseller! ☺️

  4. Oh I love Manga. Thanks Kristina. Wise words and I sorta did what you suggested just in a larger way. Me and Hubby jumped in the car and took off outta town. A change of scenery and air was very much needed. The problem is that covid is still an issue everywhere. Ugh… BUT I managed to curl up in a blankie and read for several hours. It’s like a recharge for the soul, isn’t it? xoxo

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