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Breaking Down “Brand”. What it Means For a Writer, How to Establish Your Own Brand, And Things To Keep In Mind

Note: This is a post I wrote back in August of 2021 but I wanted to revisit it. There’s so much involved with brand and it never hurts to take another look. Always remember that Brand is all about trust, connection, and relatability Enjoy!.

Let’s look at BRAND.

Brand is who you are–not a logo. Source: Thrive Creative Group LLC

BRAND is a noun that we use to identify a particular product or person.

When I think of a brand of laundry detergent–I think Tide or Cheer.

When I think of a brand of water–I think Perrier or San Peligreno.

These brands are identifiers for the product.

They’re not logos or slogans, but an identifier in the minds of consumers and businesses.

Tide for example is a product of Proctor and Gamble, but for me it means laundry soap. I hope that makes sense.

Here’s a different kind of brand.

It’s one that leaves you with a feeling instead of a product. These brands have evolved over the years and are trusted because of those who stand not only in front of it, but also behind it.

When I think of the Oprah brand–I think of someone who came from poverty, fought her way to the top, and gives back through generosity, empathy, and understanding.

When I think the Apple brand–I think of innovation and persistence. New tech and far reaching ideas come to mind too. The brand makes me realize how far I can dream and how I can do anything.

Or the Hallmark brand–it makes me think sweet, innocent, and consistent. Whether it be a Hallmark card, gift, or movie, you know you’re getting the positive, tender, and probably G-rated (anything out of G-rated is still innocent though).

Here’s a more complete definition:

A brand is a product, service, or concept that is publicly distinguished from other products, services, or concepts so that it can be easily communicated and usually marketed. A brand name is the name of the distinctive product, service, or concept. Branding is the process of creating and disseminating the brand name.”

From this definition, you can see how important it is for individuality and personality to shine through a brand.

What do you want people to think of when they hear your name or company name?


When you have your own venture–here we’re talking about writing–whether that be in the form of a blog, a book, poetry, or whatever kind of work you’re doing, it’s important that it reflect back on WHO YOU ARE which is then a reflection of your brand.

YOU are the face, personality, and essence of your personal brand. Period.

What you’re looking to do as an author or writer, is to build a personal brand.

Building your brand means building and showcasing your unique personality and message that makes you stand out in the the writing world.

How are you different from every other writer out there? How will your personal brand make you stand out from the pack.

It’s like finding your writing voice except it’s your outer brand–the one the world sees. The one they want to know and invest in.

That “uniqueness” is something that is a draw for consumers and investors.

Ask yourself these questions: Don’t be shy or modest. Really look at what makes you unique.

Why am I special?

What message do I have to share with the rest of the world?

What do you have to offer through you writing?

Is your brand consistent with who you really are?

Are there things in your past that will reflect poorly on your brand? or do you care? Maybe that’s part of who yourself already embraced and presented to the world.

Google yourself every few months and sees what comes up.

Believe me, if you have any public persona, people are googling you whether you know it or not, so make sure you at least see what they see.

Source: JLC online

When I look at my own brand of my name, Faye E. Arcand, Auntie Says.. and My Twisted Writer Brain... a different side of my personality comes out on the different platforms. It’s all part of the brand though of who I am.

The branding that I am building with my blogs and writing is one of empathy, advice, truth in self, and sharing. To me, it’s more important to help build someone up than tear them down.

When You’re Building Your Own Brand–THINK


The Message

The Package

Self Promotion

Business Person

How To Work On Your Brand

These things are achieved not only with your writing, but also how you respond to others–whether online or in person, pictures you post, politics you make public, comments on any social media platform, shared opinions, public persona, speaking engagements and anything else you can think of that reflects on you as a person can affect your brand.

Be Patient.

Building a brand doesn’t happen over night.

Consistency is KEY.

Check out Smart Business for more info regarding brands/business/corporations.

Don’t try and be what you’re not. Be you.

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