My Twisted Writer Brain…

Butt and Back Muscles be Damned Until you Need to Sit and Write. OMG It’s Not Pretty.

I do not have chronic back issues. When something is chronic, it’s recurring, persistent and long-lasting. Nope. Sorry, I absolutely refuse to accept such an interpretation of a little, teensy, bit of back pain.

Okay. I’ll admit I’m using heat. Until someone says I should use ice then I switch back to heat. I really have no idea which is better or worse. It makes me feel like I’m doing something. The heat does seem to help as does the ice. It’s like telling a writer to go write a synopsis. There are clear cut rules but some things just seem more appealing.

Ugh. Idk. And then there’s walking. I took this advice readily as I love to walk the dog. I only went a couple of kilometers only to then not be able to stand up straight for two hours. Frik.

How does a writer write with a lower back that screams, whines, seizes up, and keeps said writer in a stooped position when trying to get a coffee? I’m curious. I really am. Like seriously people, please tell me how it’s done.

What are the tricks?

I’ve got pillows squeezed in for support, but even they seem to tire quickly.

I don’t get a sore back very often….see, like I said I’m not chronic… but when I get a twinge, hubby says “Go to the chiropractor.”

Um, sorry to offend any chiro peeps here but they scare the crap out of me. The snapping and cracking…. I’d be the one who ended up with a broken neck. I’ve gone before but I can’t go back. Nope just can’t do it. Besides, this isn’t a chronic thing and I just need to take it easy for a while, right?

The piece of writer advice that always stick out in my mind is —

I made this on Canva…aren’t I clever?

Well, let me tell you, that advice right now is difficult as the muscles in the lower back and hips don’t want to cooperate.

So. I looked around for alternatives and my treadmill (which is right behind my desk–amazing how I miss seeing it on a regular basis) has a desk attached that I bought pre-pandemic so I could try walk-writing. I have a colleague who swears by it… But you know I don’t like to swear…lol (insert eye roll here)… and there’s like too much stuff to move. Excuses. Excuses. I know. I know.

I think this will be the week I use the treadmill though. Even if just to be able to stand and tap away at the keyboard. The most difficult thing with this is that standing aggravates the back too.

I seriously feel like I’m being held hostage by a group of mutant muscles. It’s starting to piss me off because I have a lot I want to do.

Fellow writers…

Well, I guess now I’ll go soak in a hot bath with epsom salts for lacking of trying anything else….

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11 thoughts on “Butt and Back Muscles be Damned Until you Need to Sit and Write. OMG It’s Not Pretty.”

  1. I agree with you about chiropractors — what they do is mostly non-evidence-based bunk. But you should go see your doctor. There’s my mind-blowing advice. 🙂

    1. Hey Zena…going to the doctor….well, it means going to the doctor. I feel so dang whiney! However, I will go next week if it doesn’t settle down. Sometimes it feels better and then I overdo it. This is like a once every 3-4 year deal. ugh. Oh and chiro–scares the shit out of me. I mean seriously sign away all your rights and then …. Well, you know. Umm…No Thanks. Not for me. Some people swear by it…

  2. Ok, not a medical opinion of any sort but just my thoughts on this since I’ve suffered from the dreaded B&B pain before :)..ergonomic chairs really help – also that ergonomic stool that makes you sit up straight. I’d advise doing some research on those and maybe trying a couple out if you’re able. This made all the difference for me and heat of course! Also, once you’re feeling a bit better, ab workouts help to make core muscles stronger which can make a difference longer term. If you haven’t already check out Bob & Brad the physical therapy channel on youtube. They are both very funny and give excellent PT advice on back pain and a lot of other things. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank You!! This is great advice. I do have a ball that I sit in but then it’s too low at my desk…I really do need one of those chair thingies to put it in. Heat feels sooooo good. I love that there’s a YouTube channel. I’ll check em out. Thanks for commenting. Love it. xo

  3. When my back got really bad, I lay flat, and had a tilted table (kind of like a drafting table) that I could place over my midsection, on which I placed my laptop and typed like that. But that depends on if you can lay flat without too much pain.

    Tried the standing up method … would work for a short time only, for me. Even tried tucking crutches under my arms, and putting big soft pillows under my feet!

    Then there’s CBD lotion. Works for some people (like my hubby). Worth a try.

    Have you tried the software where you speak into your computer and it types for you? Takes a while for it to get used to your voice, though. When I broke my right arm, it worked pretty well once I got it understanding me!

    As someone already said, an ergonomic chair might help. It did for me back in the day… until it fell apart, LOL!

    1. It fell apart? Oh no!! lol… With standing you really need to ensure posture and I’m not there yet with my back. I don’t think I could lay on my back for any length of time….My ball makes a big dif and heat. I just can’t push it too hard. Feeling very old…. Thanks for the advice Norma. Will you please advise me on the voice thing….what site? Sounds like something worth checking out. Oh, and who knows maybe cbd is the answer. xo

  4. Lots of good vibes heading your way. Best advice from me Physical Therapy. Did that when OA hit my neck and made my wrist (such a weird way the body works) hurt so much, I couldn’t type. Though it was carpel tunnel. Who knew? A few session with the PT and was amazed at how much I no longer hurt. Best part – drug free.

    1. Thanks for the advice. Yes, it really is amazing how everything is connected. If this doesn’t go away I think physio will def be on the table….and yes I like the drug free though I might take a muscle relaxer tonight….we’ll see. Thanks for the good vibes. All arrived safe and sound. xo

      1. I have an ergonomic chair that both heats & vibrates. However, my best therapy is to get out of that chair and dance ’cause there’s no one watching. A couple of minutes every hour or so improves mood, too.

      2. Hey Aggie! I now have a heating pad right on my chair. I’m going to purchase on of those frame chairs for the exercise balls…know the ones I mean? I don’t dance…though I love the idea…but do have a 35 min alarm that goes off reminding me to stand, walk, swing the arm, check the posture….actually it’s kinda like dancing…lol. It’s slowing getting there. xoxo Thanks for stopping by. Means everything. ox

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