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Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #15. Would You Buy This For Your Dog for Christmas?

Strolling through Costco can be dangerous, not only for the waistline but also the wallet.

I see stuff that I didn’t realize I needed, but of course I seriously do–heck everyone has one in their buggy– and let’s not forget about those dang lacy melt-in-your-mouth cookies that come out around this time of year….Criminal, I tell…Just criminal.

And I always look at the dog toys–I can’t help myself–having a dog is almost like having a baby. Everything is so dang cute and wouldn’t she just love it?! Oh man, yes I’ve become a Dog Mommy.

The toys were boring but then this came into view. What do you think? Would you buy it? Where does it fit on the Wednesday scale? Is it Wonderful? Whimsical? or Wacky? I think for me, it’s probably all three.

When I was a kid, cats and dogs weren’t even allowed in the house….They didn’t snuggle up on the couch to watch TV with you. …and they definitely wouldn’t get Christmas Advent Calendars.

I stared at it for a long time. I took a picture and thought about it some more. The cost was like $20 or something. I walked away. It’s silly and unnecessary I told myself as I continued my shopping.

Damn, I wish I would’ve bought one.

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6 thoughts on “Whimsical, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesday #15. Would You Buy This For Your Dog for Christmas?”

    1. Hi Wryter. I’m learning now that a lot of people give gifts and advent calendars to their dog. They are a member of the family. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.. Don’t be a stranger.

  1. We have an advent calendar with pockets that we fill each year with dog treats, so I totally can understand the draw of this one!!

    1. Hi Michele. That’s cool. Here’s my question though…does pooch get “special” treats for that month or are they just ordinary treats. lol… I’m learning so much about dog owners actually.

  2. Reading your post I can not help but comment on today’s selfish and overly Indulgent society.
    by those who make Advent Calendars for dogs -specifically- and for those who are willing to buy them. I am glad you stayed sober, and chose not to give into decadence. And yes, Merry Christmas to your dog.

    1. Hey Marianna. Well, I still might go back and buy one…I’ll still be sober though. I realize that a lot of people spend money on their animals but for some it’s the only love and somebody they have. I know it can go overboard and there are also people in need. Striking a balance is important as we navigate our world.

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