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Quote of the Day #6. How do You Define Courage?

What comes to mind when you hear the word courage? Is it about brute strength or is it about digging deep to find another piece of yourself?

Here’s a quote from Brene Brown. She is a wonderful writer, speaker, and researcher from Texas, USA. More specifically she says the studies courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy.

Here’s the quote I want you to read and think about today.

Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.

Brene Brown

While the quote from Brown is short and seemingly direct, there’s a lot of underlying emotion and hope.

For me, it means making a choice–and possibly a difficult one. It take courage to be different, to believe, and to stand within your own truth.

Whatever those truths, they belong and reside within you. To lend that hand to others who are less fortunate–takes courage.

To say no takes courage, but empowers.

To question and doubt can be difficult to do, but can bring about truth or clarity.

To choose to understand and stand in someone else’s shoes brings us together.

Tell me how you use courage to make the world around you a little better… a little braver.


Are you familiar with empathy? Do you teach it to your kids? Read THIS post I wrote about empathy.

Auntie Lesson:

Don’t ever doubt your courage. It has nothing to do with biceps and everything to do with your true heart. A small step can have a huge impact.

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6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day #6. How do You Define Courage?”

  1. Each and every day I am courageous in just getting up, as my 3 pain conditions are fighting me at different levels each day.

    4 years ago I took the courageous step to be an entrepreneur; sell my authored books. As I took the steps on my path, other was put in front of me to consider. I took the courageous actions to add on marketing my Public Speaking and my Singing.

    March 2020 I found a Web Coach that specializes in “techie” and I signed up with her, doing the courage decision to pay a Web Coach. I began to follow the wonderful layout of step by step she has and when it came to “niche” I didn’t know what that was and I had to study into that. As I was doing so, I was out socially and got a huge concussion. That was on top of my existing brain injury/stroke. All I got told was to stay off the computer for 5 days. Given 2 weekend days were attached I added those. Then I just began step by step, day by day to continue what I needed to know to then do the action of what to do to make the next step in building my online presence. Due to my concussion this has made things take longer than expected.

    Then during 2021 my soul urged me to be a teacher/coach to other women, to help them learn their soul talents as I had and then add in life vision so they can live their life purpose.

    Each of these added on actions affected my online presence. I took courage in January 2021 to make a Facebook Business Page: Metis Angel Artistic Muse and then took a course and made my private group page for when I get clients.

    November I finished my website landing page and was so excited and I walked over my fear and put it on my Facebook Business Page.

    There are more necessary steps and I”m taking them one breath, one step, one day at a time.

    1. Hi Sheryl Ann! WOW!! You are the picture of courage with all these ventures and steps you’ve taken. I’m so happy that you’ve been able to continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. You’re an inspiration. Thank you for stopping by and sharing. It is so appreciated. xo

  2. Love your message and the Brene Brown quote – I think courage can be about putting yourself out there and going for it, being vulnerable as well as digging deep at different times

    1. I agree. Getting out of your comfort zone and getting going is huge I think. There’s a lot of courage in each of us I think. Thanks for commenting. Isn’t Brene Brown amazing? Love her. xo

  3. I am going ti check out Brene Brown’s book, thank you! I too love the bold and direct quote.

    C = Combat, it takes courage to fight systems that are corrupt!! Being a parent takes a huge amount of combat, with the root of love, this often goes against the masses in order to hold on to morals values and ethics!
    O = Order, it takes great responsibility to be on it and organized in order to accomplish a secure home, if the home is in order then hearts are free to love more fully this takes courage!
    U = United, We must have a string unity in order to build up community in the home and in the greater community at large. This takes a ton of courage to seek understanding, forgiveness and pulling together first in the family then out in community!
    R = Risk, we must risk being vulnerable and weak to be strong and courageous. If we are vulnerable and weak it allows us to witness true inner strength to be able to trust fully in order to place our life on the line with each other be it family or friends work or frontline community work this helps build authentic caring.
    A = Ask, it takes great courage to ask questions and be open to answers. To seek to understand, to rely on experts and to be open to learning. This gives us great courage when we can be teachable to lead others!
    G = gratitude, it takes courage to understand that we don’t get things because we deserve it or earned it. We build courage by being grateful for being alive for breathing our life is a gift and in order to live fully we need to be grateful for the suffering the pain the relief the joy snd simple moments to not take for granted a smile a walk a word of thanks.
    E = expect miracles, expect goodness, it takes great courage to be let down and when tragedy strikes, when sorrow or loss happens, but to be expecting of good things to come allows the freedom to overcome anything that gets in the way or pushed you down. Miracles do happen, and sometimes you are your own superhero!

    Thanks for the question!

    1. Hi Christine. This is fabulous. I love it. I have a couple of Brene Brown’s books. The common sense, self care, and self respect that flows through the life lessons are huge for me. It’s not some mamby-pamby stuff…it’s real work on real people in real situations.
      The hard thing is answering the questions and doing the work.
      Thanks so much for stopping in. Appreciated. ☺️

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