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Holiday Writing Assignment: Hone Those Senses In Order to Set the Scene

It doesn’t need to be snowing and you don’t need to buy into the whole notion of Santa either–it’s Christmas Eve and here’s what I want you to do.


Plug in your Writer Brain and embrace the entire Holiday experience with writing in mind. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it.

Your Imagination Brain Assignment… My Wee Poem.

It’s that time of year to slap on that cap

Before you slip into that dang winters’ nap.

You’re to take all your senses–you know the five

And commit them to memory as though they’re alive.

Every cackle you hear or fart that you smell

Is fodder for writing, it’ll serve you well.

In your trusty notebook jot down the details

Of each person, place, or thing that you unveiled

It’s like homework but only for the writer brain

It needs to be done so you don’t go insane.

The Holidays are busy. They’re loud and they’re long

So not working the noggin’ would be just plain wrong.

Get ultra aware, pay attention, and see, smell, taste, touch, and hear

Believe me right now, there’s nothing to fear

It’s all tucked deep in your psyche–it’s such a delight

That over the Holiday you’ll be able to write.


Haha… Oh my, that little poem just sorta fell out. Please forgive me.

So, the assignment in plain language, is to pay attention to things around you and then describe them. What did the turkey smell like? Look like? Did it have a sound? Use new language and imaginative words. Make comparisons.

How about the old leather couch, where the cat curls up? What did it feel like? Smell like? Or Grandpa? Or the carpet at the front door?

Describe these things by using the five senses and become aware of the everyday reality within setting. Have some fun and let me know your best one.

Happy Christmas Eve From My Twisted Writer Brain to your Imaginative and Wonderful Writer Brain.


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