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WWW Wednesday #24 A Spot Filled with Whimsy, Some Wonder, and a Whole Lotta Wacky.

Well, todays picture seems to tick all boxes for me.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

For me…

Whimsy–the beautiful rainbow affect is so stunning and beautiful in nature, but this whimsy feels nasty and foul.

Wonder–not quite wonderful–but the spill makes me wonder how something so toxic to our environment can leave such a stunning color filled prism that will eventually wash into the drain and pollute a water source. It’s paradox full of wonder.

Wacky–When I first saw this, I spotted a sideways heart–do you see it? See my post on Hearts in Nature and you’ll understand why this is a bit wacky. The weird of it all, is that I also see a man in the center of the spill. He’s like a Dick Tracy figure with a old fashioned hat on and a pink tie. Can you see him?

Picture by Faye E. Arcand

Let me know your thoughts. What do you see? Please comment below.

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8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #24 A Spot Filled with Whimsy, Some Wonder, and a Whole Lotta Wacky.”

    1. Hey Heather. I totally get it. It’s weird isn’t it? Especially in the mist of the rainbow puddle…it’s a little disturbing to be sure. 🤓

  1. Oh my gosh so at first I didn’t see the man but I re-read your description and first thing I noticed was the hat, then it all came together. Pretty neat how our minds can see things like that.

    1. You have to look for the “hat” and then the face comes up. It’s rather freaky and the whole thing is rather psycheldelic…I totally agree. Have a great week. 😍🤓

    1. Hey Jessica. Great to see you here. You’ve hit the description right on the head. Totally ugly. Totally beautiful.But Neither. Don’t be a stranger. xo🥰🎉

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