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Ten Random Auntie Rants Including 25 Things you Should Never Say at a Funeral-Get Classy People.

It’s been a rather strange week.

I don’t know if its the whole pandemic thing, but everything is getting on my nerves.

I need to remember to just let the anger out rather than let it stew. I am curious too what you think of things? Make sure you leave me a comment with your thoughts.


Rant 1. Like the Whole Prince Andrew Thing!

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned this? It doesn’t matter that I rarely watch the news or seek out such info online, the fact that this pompous ass has been stripped of his Royal everything, is still something.

source: Unsplash Tom Podmore

Hey, I grew up with a mom who loved Queen Elizabeth II. I suppose I was then brought up with a soft spot where the whole Royal thing fits into the Canadian history–so, I come by such curiosity honestly.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s in reference to the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case.

Alleged victim Virginia Giuffre came forward and said she was forced into sex with Prince Andrew when she was only 16 years old.

She has now filed a civil law suit against Prince Andrew saying he knew she was underage and that she was being trafficked by Epstein. Brava, young lady. That takes a lot of courage.

Andrew has now been stripped of his military ranks and royal standing–by the Queen, no less.

Every time I see his puffy, pompous face I wanna hurl.

Good riddance sir. Enough of you.

Rant 2. Oh, and please take the skanky…sorry… allegedly skanky..

Ghislaine Maxwell, with you. Nah… totally.

For those who don’t realize, she was a recruiter of underage girls for Epstein’s little sicko shit. She also comes from a world of money and privilege beyond the norm.

I’m shocked that more people aren’t angry and protesting about these awful people.

Makes my stomach turn.

Rant 3. Then theres’ the Canadian equivalent…Peter Nygard. Omg…

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

I want to know that he’s rotting in some jail somewhere with no chance of ever getting out.

Rant 4. And then…Someone said: “Life is supposed to be hard…”

Imagine being at a funeral of a family member and you’re in shock.

Life hasn’t been easy. In British Columbia, we had record rain fall that closed the highways, turned mountains to slides of rubble, and trapped people everywhere. This harrowing experience was coupled with flooded dairy farms.

The person who relayed this story lives close to the farms… She still remembers the smell of rotting animal carcasses.

Her mother was also ill and across country.

It’s difficult traveling in winter in Canada. There’s issues of weather, delayed or cancelled flights, and of course all the covid protocol.

Imagine that’s you. You’ve got all these things happening around you, the world is spinning out of control, your mother is very ill, and another family member dies. That’s a lot of weight of responsibility, pain, and grief…

Source: Unsplash Rhodi Lopez

Then, while at the funeral, someone asks her how she is doing and she shares her story.

The burden of pain is shared and the listener digs deep into their bag of tricks, and pulls out “Life is supposed to be hard…”

Seriously? Like, it’s not often I’m speechless but this one does it. Wtf is wrong with people.

I don’t care if it came from someone who is 101 or 13 years old…. It is completely inappropriate to say such a thing to a person at a funeral, or to someone who’s grieving, or to someone who’s sharing their experiences and challenges.

You need to think about empathy. I shake my head.

Never… Ever… is it your place to “teach” someone some life lesson while at a funeral or other similar function. If you don’t know what to say, say nothing.

Here’s a few other things you don’t say at a funeral or to someone who’s grieving:

  1. At least they’re out of pain…
  2. It’ll be better in time…
  3. It was meant to be…It was his destiny.
  4. It all in God’s plan…
  5. Everything happens for a reason…
  6. You’re young, you can try again…
  7. Well, at least you had a few good years…
  8. Let’s do lunch soon…It’s been so long…
  9. You didn’t know them very well…
  10. Maybe they were ready to die…
  11. Isn’t it better to be dead than living as an addict…
  12. And this too shall pass…
  13. I know what you’re going through and it’ll be better soon…
  14. I’m sure they (the deceased) would have loved this send off…
  15. They deserved to die young…
  16. It’s sad, but now you can think about getting on with your own life.
  17. You look good, considering the circumstances…
  18. Time heals all wounds…
  19. Well, now you can sleep at night and not have to worry…
  20. Tomorrow is another day–and you’ll feel better after a good sleep.
  21. They didn’t treat you very well when they were alive, so this is probably a blessing.
  22. You’ll feel better when all this hoopla is over.
  23. We’re only given so many heart beats…
  24. You’re strong. You’ll be fine in no time…
  25. Life is supposed to be hard…Like Seriously!! Where is your empathy?

And… no pick up lines, no asking about money, wills, or inheritance, and no business transactions. Class, people. Have some class.

Oh my God. If you can’t say something appropriate. Please say nothing at all. Give a hug and squeeze. Here are a few lines you can say:

  • I’m so sorry for your loss.
  • I have no words.
  • If there’s anything I can do, please let me know (don’t say this if you can’t follow through)

Be sincere and recognize where that person is and what they’re going through.

Don’t be an idiot and say…”Well, Life’s supposed to be hard…” ugh….

Rant 5. Where’s Tiger Woods?

Hey, I’m just wondering.

Rant 6. The Beijing Olympics

I don’t know. Just over a month ago there were complete cities on lock down and quarantine. I’m just thinking that this whole thing should be postponed, just as Tokyo did. Sigh. I really feel for the athletes and for the fans… nothing seems quite right.

Rant 7. The Australia Open.

Bravo to the Australian people and courts for upholding what is important to you. The idea of a top rated tennis player Novak Djokovic making his own rules just didn’t fly. Whether you agree with vaccination rules, or not, doesn’t matter, the law spoke.

Rant 8. The Winter Fog…

I just wanna say that it bugs me to look out the window and see grey everywhere. It’s unsettling and claustrophobic. It’s common to have fog and mist this time of year in Canada, but I’d rather have snow. (shhh….don’t tell anyone that!)

The thing is that the fog is so dense at times that it’s suffocating. And, if you’ve ever read the Stephen King story “The Mist”, you’d be freaked a bit too.

Rant 9. Just Because…

Sometimes when you’re feeling full of rant-like energy, you have to slip in an extra spot at #9 to reserve the right to come back and fill it in with something that comes to mind in the middle of the night.

Rant 10. And…Don’t Get Me Started on the Omicron variant.


Auntie Lesson:

Sometimes, you just need to let it all out.

Tell me your Rant right now in the comments. I want to know what you’re thinking!

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12 thoughts on “Ten Random Auntie Rants Including 25 Things you Should Never Say at a Funeral-Get Classy People.”

    1. 😂Hey Phil! You’re so funny and oh so right! Don”t go looking for your money back. A little inappropriate. Thanks for commenting. It is so appreciated.

  1. Some people say the wrong thing at a funeral because they just don’t know what to say. So it’s good that you listed a few things they can say. I like the hug and a squeeze. That will tell people you feel for them.

    1. Hi Heather. Oh my goodness, yes, you are so right. And people get nervous at funerals too. They don’t want to say the wrong thing but end up blurting things out. I too love the hug and squeeze…it speaks volumes! 🥰

  2. My Rant is the non-understanding of people about Chronic Pain Conditions and I have 3 of them. I hate it when people see me walking with my cane and are saying “she’s faking it”. That really ticks me off and then I think “maybe if you had my particular pains in your body and walking with a cane and people said you’re faking it, you’d understand better!”

    1. Hi Sheryl. I’m so sorry you live with chronic pain. That really sucks. My brother had the same issue. People really don’t understand what you’re going through. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself. Deep breath and one foot in front of the other. If it makes any difference I hear you. I’m glad you got a chance to share your rant. 🤗 Feel better and take it easy. 😊

  3. I bet you’re feeling a wee bit better – letting it all out. Good for you! More people need to learn to let out their frustrations in creative and constructive ways. Totally feeling what you’re feeling. I think it’s the who pandemic thing. Despite yoga or meditation or an extra martini, everything irks me these days.

    1. Yes! I feel much better for spouting off. lol… It’s true, keeping it in does nothing but let it simmer and fester into even more rage and toxicity. Thank so much for stopping by and commenting. I’ll tell hubby the extra three martinis were at your suggestion!🍸🍸🍸 Cheers!😊

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