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WWW Wednesday #29 Come Have A Wonderful Giggle at the Heartfelt Whimsy of it All.

I remember when I was in elementary school, we’d have hat contests. We paraded through the gym for all the other kids to see. There was always a prize for the best ones.

One year, I stuck a huge wheat grass thing out the back of my creation and I won. I’ll try and find the picture to show you.

When I came across this picture, the school memory came to mind. Sure wish I’d have thought of putting a chicken on my head! lol.

I hope you’re having a great week. Don’t forget to wear your hat.

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4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #29 Come Have A Wonderful Giggle at the Heartfelt Whimsy of it All.”

    1. Oh Lauren, I love that. I remember my mom dressing up in hats and gloves. It’s fun to look back on fashion and see the trends. There was some real elegance in many of the outfits. Personally I loved the gloves. And I remember too, my mom wearing wonderful long wool coats. I always thought they were so beautiful. 😊 Such lovely memories. Thanks for commenting Lauren. It’s so appreciated.

  1. I went to a catholic school in Cape Breton NS. Queen Elizabeth came there twice. Once as a princess and once when she had become queen. On the Queen’s visit we school kids were a all supplied with very pretty paper crowns. We lined up on the street…wearing our crowns. I can still see her and prince Philip in a convertible passing by doing the royal wave.
    At Easter new hats were a must and off to church we went. These are the special times.

    1. Oh Heather! Thank you for sharing g such a special memory! That must’ve been so exciting to see Elizabeth at different points in her life. I remember my mom loving the Queen. And Easter bonnets we’re very important indeed! 😊💕👒

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