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WWW Wednesday #30. Faces Showed Up All Over the Place… Weird, Whimsy, and Wondrous

Let Your Imagination Go Where it Doesn’t Normally Travel…

My mind was drifting as I walked the dog one day, and suddenly it was like all these faces began to pop into my consciousness. Everywhere I glanced, there was a face looking back at me.

Same–But Different

I like to look for hearts in nature.

That’s when something in nature, be it a cloud, a rock, a stain on the road… whatever, is in the shape of a heart. See mine HERE. I would highly encourage you to look too. I’m sure you’d be surprised at how many hearts you spot.

But Faces?

This is a completely new thing for me. Maybe it was because I was relaxed, happy, and open to the experience. I don’t know… but there they were.

Leave me a comment below after you check out the pictures. Tell me which you like the best and did you spot it right away?

So this is Toro. lol. What a cutie, eh? Always a big smile for everyone. Photo by Faye E. Arcand
This one strikes me as sad. The rock is massive. Probably almost as tall as me… but all I saw was the face. The pain and suffering coming from within. Photo by Faye E. Arcand
This wee dude is just a smilin’ away waiting to be called into service. His nose may be a little high but he’s still a cutie patootie. Photo by Faye E. Arcand.
I’m not sure what this guy is but he has a very large mouth. He kinda reminds me of Cookie Monster and a Halloween ghoul all wrapped up into one. I’m pretty sure that he’s friendly though. Photo by Faye E. Arcand

Here, there are a few faces. Almost ape-like, but also in the back you can see a couple that perhaps are skulls from a dark, never-before-seen graveyard. They’ve tucked themselves in the back under the foliage to stay hidden. Photo by Faye E. Arcand.

Now comment below. Which was your favorite? Did you see the faces immediately? I want to know.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed this WWW journey today. Make sure you follow below.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #30. Faces Showed Up All Over the Place… Weird, Whimsy, and Wondrous”

  1. Eyes- Eyes everywhere…few days old babies are fascinated by two circles resembling eyes. Yes, Eyes are everywhere, add a line for mouth – voila.. you have a face. Fire-hydrant knocked it out of the park
    Profile of last rock? well- it belongs to a Roman soldier. Ha-ha

    1. lol…Thanks Marianna. It ended up being a walk of faces for sure. I love the idea of the Roman solider…he looks exactly like one. And the fire hydrant dude just kept winking at me…lol.. Thanks for commenting. This was a fun whimsical one for sure.

    1. Hey Denise! it was fun. Once I saw one, they just kept popping up. It was kind of funny actually. But in such a stressful and unpredictable time, the whimsy seems warranted for sure. So glad to have you back online.

    1. Hi Joanne. It’s funny because I thought the same thing about that rock as soon as I saw it. I’m not sure what I’d do if it were in my yard…poor thing. Faces are amazing to spot in nature and I think people who do that are highly intelligent 🤓😉

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