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WWW Wednesday #32 I Need You To Tell me Something Wonderful

I’m so pissed at Russia.

Hi everyone. As you know I’m on a bit of a hiatus as I work on my novel, but I just had to weigh in on what’s going on in the world.

I try really hard to remain positive in life and the way I look at it, but I’m really pissed off.

To see this type of behavior from a world leader is deplorable. I know the Russian people are not to blame. The regime is what it is. I just don’t like bully’s.

Putin wants to rebuild the Russian Empire.

Well, give your head a fucking shake.

Imagine if the leaders of Italy suddenly decided they were going to rebuild the Roman Empire. Well, there’d be some figuring’ and reckoning to do.

From Vox: History Explained you can see that the Roman Empire stretched far and wide.

And how about the British Empire?

The British Empire… Well, I can tell you they’ll never get Canada back.(map source Encyclopedia Brittania)

Or the Japanese Empire?

Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The world changes. It morphs and grows like the living organism that it is. To try and go back in history to reclaim that which you think of as your own, is the simple definition of narcissistic insanity.

I hope that positive change can come from this in limiting the threat and moving on with life. Ukraine is strong and I hope they’re strong enough with their allies support.

Everyone, including the Russian people, please go in Peace.

Stand your ground when you can…

“Tank Man”… stood up to the tanks in Tiananmen Square in an uprising in China.
Sometimes it’s not the big guy who wins. Source: Brittanica

So with the state of todays world… I can’t. Sadness has taken hold and I really need you to tell me something wonderful… Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #32 I Need You To Tell me Something Wonderful”

    1. It’s really difficult to see something positive in what is going on in the world today. I am just glad that I live in Canada today but we have our own fractures to mend and we are trying but new ones pop up. Like you, I am mainly a positive person. Growing up I had little to be positive about but the mantra I used was ‘Today is a better day than yesterday and today is a good day and tomorrow will be even better’ Think positive! Cheers!

      1. Thanks Lauren. You’re right. Fractures within society are things I can’t control right now. The world is broken and hurting. I know I’m not alone. I love your mantra and I will try and absorb the energy. There is a lot of good out there too. Today is a better already. Thank you for sharing and caring. 🥰🙌🤓

  1. Just saw this quote today “If we make the moments matter, then our lives matter and our days have been well spent”

    1. Oh Maureen, I love that. Sometimes we need that reminder that small things add up on their own to become positive things–we jus need to let them. Thanks so much for stopping by. It means a lot. xo🥰💯🤓

  2. The birds in my yard are starting to have discussions about the various birdhouses we have up. The buds on the lilac tree are swelling. The neighborhood children are playing basketball in the alley. These are wonderful things.

    1. 🥰Hi Michelle. Thanks I needed that. Those are wonderful things. Sometimes it’s those simple lovely things that are right outside our door that are the loveliest of all… and sometimes they’re inside our doors. Thank you. 💯🙌

  3. Hi Faye. Wish I could offer some big ‘up’ in all this down. I’m writing an essay entitled Healthy Advocacy…How I saved my mental health in time of intense crisis.” I started it before the Putin farce. It was supposed to be about how I’m managing my climate change anxiety. It will have to be revised I think. Anyway, best wishes to you. We are in for a ‘bumpy ride.’

    Meanwhile I think your research and proposal would be useful for all nations to consider. Can I put it on FB and Twitter?

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