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WWW Wednesday #33. Wacky Chips! A Whimsical Morning! and Wonderful Scenery!

My WWW Wednesday last week was such a downer, I really wanted to take a more positive stance this week.

As I write this, I’m in Las Vegas. What?! Yup. I seriously needed to get out of town and see some different scenery.

Living so close to the US border allows us the opportunity to travel and experience the country. During the height of the pandemic, the Canada/USA border was closed for almost two years!

Canada and the USA are like sisters… We share so much, look alike in many ways, but once you get to see the reality, we’re very different.

I adore the people of the US. Today, I must’ve been called “dear” at least three times and it was all older women saying it. I never get that at home. lol… Maybe I need to start a new trend in Canada… Hmmm.

Here’s The Wacky!

Taken by me. Faye E. Arcand. March 2022.

When you’re sitting in a vehicle for more than a few hours, you need snacks, right? Well, hubby picked these up and when I read the back, I laughed out loud.

We bought these in Nevada, a place where you really could lose your shirt. So, don’t do that–eat chips instead. I think this is frickin brilliant. Such a wacky sense of humour and who wouldn’t appreciate that these days?!

Oh, the Wonderful…

I took this picture just outside of Jackpot, Nevada. I’m pleased with how it turned out, but it still doesn’t catch the spectacular beauty of the snow covered hills fronted by the sage brush of the desert.

I wanted to just stare at it all day.

There’s so much harshness in the world right now, seeing this was a perfect reminder that there are still a lot of wonderful things and a lots of things that bring wonder.

taken by me. Faye E Arcand March 2022

And Just a Hint of Whimsy!

We’re in a trailer that is new to us. This is our maiden voyage. Well, we thought we packed everything, but guess what? No coffee cups.

Our first morning we had our coffee out of plastic cups hoping the hot coffee wouldn’t melt through. It didn’t.

It felt whimsical. We both laughed at forgetting and at improvising. Best coffee I had all week. Adding a bit of whimsy to your morning java is highly recommended.

Enjoy your week.

Well, as I’m on the road, wifi is sketchy and schedules up in the air so I’ll be back. I just don’t know when. You can always follow my socials as I’ll be posting pix.

Keep Ukraine in your heart and do what you can to live your life. Stay positive and always be kind.

Wishing You all Some Wacky, Wonderful, and a wee bit of Whimsy.

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8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #33. Wacky Chips! A Whimsical Morning! and Wonderful Scenery!”

  1. That’s what I need, a trip somewhere. I was just saying yesterday that I haven’t been anywhere for so long. Not even Vancouver.
    Happy trails to you.

    1. Hi Heather! Yes. A change of scenery makes a huge difference 😎. Gets a bit of sunshine. Take a to Peachland and walk the beach front—don’t need to go too far!😊

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