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Writers. Picture Prompts of the World After!

These are pictures I took in Nevada.

I was through this same area about three years ago, but a lot has changed. The pandemic closed world borders, wreaked economic hell on many communities, and saw the ruin of others.

These pictures were taken in Nevada at the Pony Express Schellbourne Station Nevada which was an active Pony Express mail service station in 1859.

Once a bustling outpost, the area later became an RV campground and Motel until it eventually closed down all together.

When you see it today, it’s a ghost town.

I can imagine the recent squatters getting out of the desert heat, or the drunk-ass kids out on a joy ride to smash windows and tag everything they could–because they could.

But… if you stop, close your eyes, and listen–you may be able to hear the voices that whisper through the winds from the past.

2 thoughts on “Writers. Picture Prompts of the World After!”

  1. Thank you so much for your photos and prompt, dear Faye.
    There is something magnetic about abandoned ruins, isn’t there? Hard to look, impossible to look away.
    I was moved to rattle off a poem in record time (for me) 😏😎
    Your photos were *to blame*…so…THANK YOU! Hope you enjoy.

    Don’t Leave Never Mind Just Go
    Corinne Lambert Murphy

    The wind it howls out
    Among the twisted piles
    Of broken boards and the
    Walls left standing
    Such as they are
    Angry youngsters have their
    Say on what’s left of
    My old house that held me behind walls
    That kept me safe and warm inside
    All gone says she to me, though
    That ache will last forever, oh
    You lonely, lovely boy

    ××× 🎀 ×××

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