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WWW Wednesday #35. What Would You Tell Your Five Year Old Self?

Where do the years go? They sure slip away quickly, don’t they?

My sister sent me this picture a couple days ago and I thought I’d share it.

This is me at age five–ish. It’s taken overlooking a canyon in either British Columbia or Alberta.

That little girl has grown up to be a woman who’s experienced a lot of different things… some good… some not so good…all of which have come to be a part of me, but do not define who I am.

Regrets? Hmm…a couple. I won’t tell you their names. They know who they are. Again, I learned lessons and took those lessons forward to teach others. That in itself was a gift.

If I were to give that little girl some advice it would be this…

  • Don’t start smoking.
  • Tell you family everyday how much you love them.
  • Kick deadbeat assholes to the curb… you’re too good for them.
  • You really don’t have to clean so much… it just gets dirty again.
  • Don’t change who you are for anyone–and I do mean anyone.
  • Love yourself more!

That’s all. I wouldn’t change much. I’ve been truly blessed with an abundance of good people in my life.

This is me at around age five. I haven’t changed a bit.

What would you tell your five year old self if you had the chance? Leave me a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #35. What Would You Tell Your Five Year Old Self?”

  1. 1) Your mother is damaged. Don’t believe her shit.
    2) You never have to be perfect. NEVER! Just do a bit better every day.
    3) Boundaries are actually good things. You don’t have to be nice to bad people.

      1. Borrowing from The Graduate, Faye. Honestly, at five, nobody listens .But this is an interesting idea, to know back then what you think you know now.. Ever try to pinpoint a turning point in your life?

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